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Kathy, I think colour is still considered good for babies. Most everything sold in the way of baby equipment and toys is brightly coloured still. I'll have to take the sample to Mothercare and speak to their buyer!! LOL!!


Gosh Magda, I'm sorry my "Sort by most recent comment" must have gone on strike... I've checked for comments all day and didn't see this one until now! There are clearly divided opinions in your country too then Magda... I don't suppose there is an acceptable solution, but every person should be treated in the best way for them... regardless of what other family members or the public think


Delightful, bright mixture of colours Mandy. When our son was born, almost 31 years ago, there was a lot being said way back then about colour being good for babies. So stripes of colour went on the wall LOL It must have worked because he turned out GREAT!!! Perhaps you could market these to add colour in a nursery LOL


I think Dignitas is too easily abused. For hopelessly sick people who have years of suffeering ahead, I agree. But I am really aginst this "death-tourism" as it is often called here.


It's coincidence that you mention your country's advances in palliative care today Magda, only this morning my husband and I were discussing Dignitas... there have been several media discussions about the legal implications of people from the UK travelling with loved ones to Dignitas, because in this country to help someone who wants to die in order to be put out of their suffering is illegal. There are very divided opinions about the whole subject. I love that your hospitals work as you describe, it sounds much nicer than here, where a dying person will often remain on the same ward where they received their original treatment. In some instances people are moved to hospices which are solely for palliative care, although the hospice is not funded by the same organisation.


It is nice, that you have such a nice impression about me. But life is not like this. I had some bad moments, depressions, and used to be bad tempered. But coming back to my country has helped me to find myself again. Thanks for your nice remarks.
Re Palliative. Switzerland is very advanced in Palliative care. There are special sections in every hospital, where relatives are allowed to come and go day and night, as they like. We volunteers were also expected to attend the medical discussions about the patients. And I have learned so much, for which I am very grateful. maybe it will help me, when I am there.


Oh Magda, how lovely that you were able to provide some friendly comfort and support in such times... thankfully my patients do not require palliative care, it must be very difficult to watch someone passing through the end stage of their life without caring relatives - my Mum died in the hospital where I work and they were wonderful at allowing me and my Dad to be with her most of the time in her last few days. I had no doubt you could be serious as well as wonderful fun!! Your snippets of life that I've gleaned from your comments make me more and more curious to know you better... you've had some exceptional and unusual opportunities and made the most of them if I'm not very mistaken!!


I was visiting patients, mainly in palliative care, just to pass a bit of time. But sometimes we d
stayed with dying patients who had no relatives or whose relatives were exhausted, because very often the "children" were also around 70. So you see, I can be serious as well, if necessary!


Oh Ardy - renal colic is the worst imaginable pain... my husband gets it. I hope yours doesn't ever return.

Thanks Rosie, I was thinking about looking for some blackout blinds... I have black out linings on my curtains, but the curtain poles protrude from the wall and lots of light still comes in!!

Thanks Magda... I'm glad you like them!! What were you doing as a volunteer in a hospital... we don't have any volunteers around the hospital overnight, so I'm curious!! Thanks for the French saying!!

LOL Kirsten, you always like the effect of my colours!! I don't know what makes them so!! Thanks!


So nice mandy to know that you are a nurse. I worked for over 2 years as a volunteer in hospitals, also night watches, and got to know, how muchyou nurses have to do, and how much patience you need. As the french say: Chapeau!


I LOVE this one Mandy!! Those kaleido are gorgeous. And the colour and texture of the background curtain is speccy! Thanks very much!! :)))

Oh, and congrats on the new career! Good on you!! :)))


I would like to have curtains like this. Thank you Mandy


Thanks for a great puzzle. And congrats on becoming a nurse even if you have gray hair. I was for many, many years and am retired now because of a work related injury ending my career. And I worked 12 hour nights for 25 years so know about the sun shining through. Bought window darkening shades and they did the trick. Good luck and thanks for all you do here on Jigidi. Rosie


Mandy, that's wonderful. I've grown up and/or lived with nurses up until a few years ago. Guess I acquired some of the vocabulary. I was in ER about four years ago complaining of pain i the lower right quadrant of the abdomen. The doctor and the nurse both turned to me and asked, "Are you a nurse?" (Turned out to be kidney stones and all's well since then.) Oh, and I won't tell any of your patients.


Nice to see you Ardy, yes I work in a hospital!! I'm a nurse, but newly qualified... I began training in 2008 and graduated last year, but I worked with children and new mum's for the first year... I've only just started working in a hospital... so only have one month's experience so far!! Shhh... don't tell my patients - they see the grey hair and think I'm the boss!!!!! LOL!!


The curtains caught my eye when I came to check out replies on the pajamas. Thanks, Mandy, this was fun. What kind of work do your do? It sounds like it is hospital related - or don't you want to say. Thanks for this one. Enjoyed it.


Thank PJ I'm glad you enjoyed them... I could have done with more like these to shut out the sunshine when I was trying to sleep after work last night!!!


Very fine and fun curtains, Mandy. And nice to solve.


I'm so pleased you enjoyed it Chailie, thanks :~))


Very bright and cheerful Mandy. Good fun to do.


Thanks Edie - I saw you got to the next size already :~))


Cool puzzle Mandy. You picked the best colours and the backgrounds are great. This was too short though so I'm going to head for the next size. Thanks