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Spiral Staircase

81 pieces
145 solves
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LOL - I got dizzy making it Wendy... but I'm often dizzy, so it's nothing new!!

I know what you mean Magda, I often find myself solving smaller puzzles when I would love to do the larger ones... thank you for your compliment!! I saw that Teufel is on the board, I assume it is a translation for the devil!!


PS Must be staircways to heaven. I just saw, even the devil has solved it!! (Teufel., did u c?)


Looks like stairways to heaven. Eddie is right, the bigger puzzles are more fun to solve, but there are so many, and the small ones take less time!! Thank you Mandy, you are, as usual at your best.


I'm dizzy just looking at this, Ms. Mandy. There are so many steps to walk up and down.


LOL - Edie!! Thanks :~)


Bigger puzzle, more fun. Thanks Mandy


Thanks barsidelady - I'm delighted you enjoyed solving this :~)

Thank you Janine... I thought it looked like a long climb too... and I'm glad I don't have to climb it!!

Love the's along one to climb. Great puzzle, Mandy.
Love the colors too, thank you....Janine.


Wow, enjoyed solving this, thank you