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1957 Woolworth's Menu

24 pieces
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Interesting. I posted the same thing in April (in a somewhat larger version) when I found it in my email files. Great minds....

Wow BLAST from the past!

It doesn't seem that long ago.


Oh wow . . . memories ! I remember that our local lunch counter had a small Coke for a nickel or a large for a dime. The large Pepsi was a nickel, so i always had a Pepsi. I was a Pepsi fan from eighth grade on!

Well, that was a walk down memory lane. Fun.

Believe it or not, that was not cheap in those days. Not outrageous, but you had to plan ahead.

I can well remember eating many a lunch from that very menu; we did
have a Woolworth store when I was young! Even though it was cheap
by today's standards, we had to save our pennies in order to eat there!