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Meanwhile, back at the new feeder.

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Terrific PG! Thanks!


Thank you gnt it is fun to watch them pick a feeder and then let only some birds come to feed at them. With five feeders there are five groups and they never cross those lines. Strange!!

I guess you have Rats like we have those bushy tails and they will clean out the feeders and not let th birds near them. thank you for stoping by Mate.

Its raining today Warbler so the camera equipment stays inside it is a wimp in the rain.

Thank you pumpkin you have changed again.

Thank you for the information Trish it looks very interesting.


great photo the way U caught that one bird in flight getting ready to land at the thats cool.........fantastic job pg and great set


This is so cool a picture PG, I wish we could put a feeder up but it attracts the rats that hang out in the palms, so we stopped. When I net bait, I leave some on the rocks and dock and let the sea birds have a feed. Thanks mate.


Like chickie, I'm already waiting for the Red head photo, Photo. Nice in flight photo.


The neighborhood value has just increased! A fine feeder for your flighty flocks.


no waiting, here you go : )

For all the information and to get a downloadable checklist for our area got to GBBC and look at the bottom of the Submit Observations page.


Another fine photo, pg!!


No roseheather but I saw your message on Mary's puzzle and will look up the connection to that funny collage in upstate NY.


Are you counting for the Great Backyard Bird Count?


Wow, welcome birds! Very nice.


I have 4 feeders in the back and two temporary ones in the front. They will come down when the hummers come back "home." My feeders are sort of segregated, too. I have all goldfinches on one, another with house finches and some goldfinches. Another has mostly titmice, chickadees, nuthatchs and cardinals. Woodpeckers and assorted others share the other feeders, which include suet and seed blocks. On the ground, are the sparrows and juncos. Oh, and the squirrels. We can't forget the squirrels. I pay then handsomely to not chew my wires and chomp on my eaves.


Nice feeder young man and I can't wait 'til you get a pic of the red-head on it.


I cannot believe it but this is number five. Each one had a different bunch of birds feeding from it and they all have the same feed. This one has sparrows and red headed woodies, another has chick-a-dees and purple finches, another has tufted titmouse and gold finches yet another has Cardinals and Blue Jays and last but not least are bluebirds and an occasional mocking bird. I guess they have segregation at the feeders????


That's a nifty little feeder you've got, PG.