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Theme: Cats - Abby's Babies, May 2011

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@ boys and 2 girls Emma is in the background, Maggie is in front. Custard is the light colored one ans Sherlock is to th right. The girls went to the same good home. My daughter has Custard and I kept Sherlock


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What some gorgeous little fluffsters!


Oh, Ann. Those are such intensely thought provoking words. They have really touched my heart, dear friend. Thank you so much for taking the time to share these beautiful thoughts! ((Hugs))


Jill, you caught a wonderful picture of four little miracles, the miracle being that they might not have delivered successfully during that storm, or Abby may have abandoned them had she not begun to feel safe & secure in your care, or she may not have survived the ordeal of birth herself. You could be the miracle that saved four, possibly even five lives...........


Pinknblack, they were absolutely darling! I still smile when I see this picture. Thank you for your comment.


Yes, Jo. She was very young as well as small. It was remarkable. I had been worrying for days because "I didn't know how to deliver kittens", lol. One morning I went in the bedroom and there was Abby, mothering 4 tiny kitties. All that worry for nothing! What a miracle the whole thing was!


Darling little ones!


For as small as Abby is, she delivered 4 beautiful kittens!! :)


Yes, Mo, a very happy ending. The night they were born there was an horrific storm. I wondered at the time how awful it would have been had I not picked up Abby. I'm glad you told me you cried too.... now I know I'm not the only one, lol!


I remember crying and crying too when I had to give away my kittens, glad I'm not the only one who did that. I did get to keep one of them one time and she was the sweetest cat. Also nice that the two you had to give away went to the same home so they weren't lonely. Your story has a happy ending, I like that!


I'm happy to share them, nancy! I'll be posting a photo of the now grown Sherlock tomorrow.... check it out to see if he looks like Clancy. ( Cute name! )


Their are so cute! Sherlock looks a lot lite my Clancy. Thanks for sharing your little blessings.


I agree, Mo. It was very hard to give any of them away! I cried and cried when the girls left! Happy to share, my friend!


I think they look precious and rather calm considering they are getting their picture taken which is a new experience for them. There is nothing cuter than a kitten, thanks for sharing Jill!


Do they? I'd never noticed. Their Momma, though young, was an excellent mother. They were born in a very soft cat bed in a bedroom and stayed there as they grew. They don't look scared to me, just curious; but, I may be missing something. The only thing I can think of is that it could possibly be the flash of the camera. This was probably the 10th shot I had made, one right after the other, lol!


So cute! But why do they all look so worried/scared?