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Green Dressing Table

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how quaint. love it! nice color


Love this. When I was little, we had a the sweetest little French lady with a bedroom set - the bed, the two end tables, a tall dresser and a vanity like the one above in this shade of green, put hers was tole painted with tiny, sweet pink roese and rose buds. A dellghtufl memory. Thanks for sharing.


LOL Quartina............I did exactly that with what turned out to be a fairly valuable "secretariat" (sp?)........I got it at a garage sale for $10 and found out later it had value (prior to my "renovation")!


Yes, don't you just love old painted furniture?
We have a joke in our family: "Cut off it's legs and paint it white"! In the sixties, my mother used to get old furniture, and do that . . . with everything! Today, if someone doesn't know what to do with something (anything) we just say, "cut off it's legs and paint it white"!


Love this one Quartina. As a young teenager I had a similiar one in my room...painted GOLD........I was the envy of all my friends. :)))