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Theme, flowers: bleeding heart

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Lamprocapnos spectabilis (formerly Dicentra spectabilis); also known as old-fashioned bleeding-heart, Venus's car, Lady in a bath, Dutchman's trousers, or Lyre-flower is a rhizomatous perennial plant native to eastern Asia from Siberia south to Japan. It is a popular ornamental plant for flower gardens in temperate climates, and is also used in floristry as a cut flower for Valentine's Day. It usually has red heart-shaped flowers with white tips which droop from arching flower stems in late spring and early summer. White-flowered forms are also cultivated.
-- Wikipedia


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I have no thoughts on the name Lady in a Bath either, but here's an even longer list of common names: Bleeding Heart, Showy Bleeding Heart, Tearing Hearts, Venus?s Car, Lady?s Locket, Locks and Keys, Lyre flower, Seal flower, Our Lady in a Boat, Lady in a Bath, Chinaman's breeches, Dutchman's breeches, Chinese Pants. Some are probably from something other than what (someone imagines) the plant looks like.


I didn't know why the name was changed, but a bit of searching brought to light that, like many classifications nowadays, changes were motivated by research into DNA of a group of plants. Here's a link for a book specific to this group of plants, on Google books, by Tebbitt, Liden, and Zetterland. If needed, search on "name change."


I can make sense of all the names except "Lady in a Bath" - ??


JSBG, I know this by the Dicentra name. Do you know why the latin name was changed?


I have this plant too. Chosen by my daughter when she was about 5, lived in a pot for several years on patio, came with me when we moved house & is now very happy in the ground in a shady part of the garden. My daughter will be 21 in a fortnight :-)


Thanks, everyone.


This is a very neat picture, it shows each section of it very well.


Nice flower


One of my favorite perennials ever!! They grow great in my garden with very limited sunlight


In DK "Løjtnantshjerte"