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Doodle-y Woodle-y Flower (Medium)

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143 pieces
90 solves
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Really fun variation on the swirl!!!


Bold and bright - this is great, thanks Pat ☺


Fingers crossed! :-)))


Hopefully he will have found some other things to keep himself occupied by the time the cold weather arrives! I hope you are taking care of yourself, PD :)))) Cheers.


He's getting used to it, but he still goes in for a few hours several days each week. They don't want to offer him a contract extension, but they're more than happy to have him around to help--for free..... We've been lucky--the weather has been conducive to sitting out and reading, so he's been enjoying that. How it will go when the cold weather comes is another story.......

Good to see you again, whatnauts! :-)))


Oh, I didn't realize Bob had retired. I knew it would be this year, but not so soon. My, my, times does fly by. I hope he is getting better at it :))))) I also hope Courtenay is still improving.


Courtnenay is doing much better, thanks, and I've been having a few more better days now that last week (rain every day) is over. Bob is having trouble adjusting to staying home--he still goes in to work on some of the cases he had had, even though they aren't paying him--it's hard to give up that identity and the intellectual stimulus of litigation...... Thanks, Aishah! :-)))


Thanks, Pat! I hope you are starting to feel better. And I hope Courtenay is well and that your husband is enjoying his retirement. : )