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Sleddall Almshouses, Kendal, Cumbria. Photo by David Rogers

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Thank you 48, Cumbria is one of my favourite counties. Today we're off to Stockport which I think you will enjoy...Sue


Wonderful that you have such places available, especially in such a pretty location! Thanks Sue for the Cumbria tour today!


Hi Joyce and waxwing. We have 3 sets of almshouses in Rochester and as long as you were born in the Medway Towns, like me, you are eligible to live in one. I agree with you waxwing because you can sell your house then live rent free in one of the flats and have money in the bank. I love the water too Joyce so need to be near a river or the sea. Thank you...Sue


Wonderful houses, great chimneys. Love the water with the little ''waterfall''. I know I wouldn't be happy living away from the water. Many thanks Sue!! :)))
(time, 5:10)


I love these almshouses, Sue - I suppose they're luxury rentals or co-ops now! Funny how homes for the poor end up centuries later as prizes for the rich! It's the same in New York City.


I love rivers and sea. Luckily where I live we have the River Medway and I'm not too far from the coast so when the weather is nice me and mine go out somewhere near water. You have a good evening too Denise. Thank you...Sue


Very different from the norm, I love it near the water. Anything near the water is always so soothing.
Thank you sue have a good evening>