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ice storm, 2/21/11 and many at the feeder

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Yes, Jacque, they are.

The cardinals will come in large groups at some times of the year. We have had over 17 at a time at our feeder, and it makes for a frantic count to be sure we aren't counting some more than once.


the birds are beautiful!


Thank you, Angelbender. And we comply by making sure the feeder is freshly filled. ; )

They seem to know when rain, snow or just a cold front is coming and seem to want to load up in case the food gets covered up.
Nice picture roseheather.


Thank you, Chickiemama and Babchi.

Yes, Chickiemama, they do. We have had some that we have never seen before come round. Especially if the grasses, in a marshy area near us, are encased in ice.

Babchi, I wonder what kind of birds the saleslady at the store thought you were feeding. ; ) Not sure I'd eat any but chicken or turkey. ; )


feed the birds and you will never grow hungry - thats what the saleslady at the store told me as I picked up a bag of seed.


They sure come out of the woodwork when there is an ice storm. Nice photo roseheather.