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Starling ~ male

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Thank you Dottie, Patti, robryan, Hanne and Celeste.


Very cool shot chickie :)


The first starling, the first sign of spring - we love him even if he takes our cherries and strawberries!! He doesn't overpower the other birds here and have never done. We put up boxes for him to breed in. Must be different from country to country!!


We have the same problems with Noisy Mynahs that came from India - nice bird & smart but they over-run the native birds. Nice photo still chickie - thanks.


Great shot! Thanks!


Great close up of this one, Chickie. He's pretty even though he's a pest sometimes. Thanks!


Thank you cmatthews, Graciela and laura.


Very nice, chickie. Too bad they overpower the bird feeding area!


He is soooooo cute chickie!!


I wish we could see the starlings again but they have seemed to have dissapeared from our gardens


Why thank you Derrick.


let's puzzle, nice bird Diana!


Hi Ank. I see pg answered the question for you. Thank you young man.

Yes it is morris. That old clothsline pole comes in handy for something.


Sitting on the same pipe as the cardinal. Nice shot, chickie!


One of the problems with this bird is it has grown to such large numbers it is squeezing the native song birds out and taking their food and nesting places. I am not completely opposed to them it is just they have changed the balance of nature, like we humans do and never for the better, and caused the song bird to be replaced by them. They come in massive numbers and in some cases cause the farmers much distress. There is room for all creatures but when they overpower the birds that are native to the area that have not learned to compete with them they are a problem.


Sorry why don't you like this bird, OK, he is not such a beauty as other birds you have. Bud he is a great bird. He cleans all kinds of annoying insects. He loves a meal wasps or mosquitoes and pity they are not there in winter, but he also have to survive and in summer he does a great job. I hope you all will think of that when you see them again.
Maybe this sounds a little angry, that is not the intention. But I would like you see his good side too.
Maybe he is not native, but he has the same enemies as every bird, so that will not be a problem.


Thank you roseheather, A3ana aned lyndee. LOL lyndee.


I'm as guilty as everyone else, but this bird doesn't know he's not a beauty and he does have to eat too. But, while pointing the finger, I realize three fingers are pointing back at me!!! LOL


Great picture Sandy


Really great photo of this bird. Not my favorite (bird), but this photo really shows it to its "artistic" best. ; )


Thank you Hanne, jcarroll, peggysuss and warbler.

I know jc, I flash a white piece of fabric to scare them thru the window. I hate wasting expensive bird seed on them. LOL

LOL Yes it is warbler - you side taker you!


Nice one. That post works well for you. Seeing this starling makes me ponder-you know--- its going to be remembered in history as the Great Jigidi Cow Pie War of '13.


That looks like a young one. When the sun is on them they are beautiful.


Chickie, when the ground gets snow covered here, the blackbirds go for the easy food, raiding the bird feeders. I chase them away and let the 'regulars' feed first. But the blackbirds are persistent and it's not unusual to see hundreds in the front yard.


SO fine with all his dots!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Thank you gnt and young man. I know they are troublemakers young man, but they sure have pretty plumage.


Great close up of the bird but chickster but since he is not a native he should go.


another great photo....again this pic shows off the bird and allows one to take a good look at him...thanks for posting it for us chickie.... :)))


Thank you jc. That's funny you ask. Right now there are 16 under the feeder. This year not too bad, but in the past, there have been times thousands would show up in the field, yard and trees. It's like the movie 'Birds'. I just now counted 16 under the feeder.


Nice photo, chickie. Do you have many blackbirds show up at your feeders?