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Sunny days

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Oh Louisiana, have only been to along the Gulf over to New Orleans and up to Meridian once with a friend a long time ago.. Do you live on the Gulf, Mimi or do you live further inland?


Lovely sunshiny picture, nice to see on a rainy day. Not too cold here in Louisiana, but definitely dreary!


Hi PG, I don't even know what you look like and my mind is trying to picture you sound asleep under some kudzu vines with ants crawling up your nose. Not a pretty yes, maybe you should take an assistant with you.. and watch out for fireant mounds, but then I am sure you have learned to side step those nasty little critters by now...what a shock for northerners, though..


mhughes69, HI I did post a couple of the angled velvet weed puzzles over on titmouse...I thought I could do four puzzles but it would only allow me to do two on that other avatar ...


Every time I try this I fall asleep and take a nap then forget what I was doing on the ground. I guess I need to take an assistant with me to keep me awake and focused.


Ahh, mhughes69, Ok, I will dig them out of storage and post some just for you!
:))) (well, it is not every day that someone asks to see re-runs, now is it!) So thank you!!


Please send them overnight Express, please!! Thank you bradjan!


We have a lot of these sunny days here in Florida so will send you some of ours to you.


Very much looking forward to the others like this one then.


I did a lot of these from underneath the plants this past summer. Might re-post some of the old ones at some point ...Thank Mariolyn and mhughes69.


Love the angle on this pic. I've been wanting to take some like this for awhile now!


Great angle. thanks.