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Weekly Theme 'Music and Dance': Kaleidos made from ...... Bollywood Costume Fabrics!! ~ Medium

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This week's Jigidi theme is "Music and Dance", so I thought I would combine those two concepts and make kaleidoscopes from images of Bollywood costume fabrics!

The images I use are freely available, and I use a variety of programs to make my kaleidoscopes, colour the backgrounds and assemble them into a collage. All of which takes around 2 hours.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)


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Sorry I'm so late replying, Katie. Combo of still being really tired at night, so going to bed much earlier than normal. And the beginning of the Christmas social events happening - so out in the evening. But I am pleased to hear that at least you know what is going on with the water - and have a timeline for getting it fixed! Today! Bet I know what you'll be doing as soon as the job is done!! :)))


I sure hope you're feeling better Kirsten. Just wanted to let you know I had someone from the city out this morning to check my water service. The pressure dropped dramatically after having water off for work in the neighborhood last Friday night. It seems that it's my main water line coming into the house. I had a plumber in this afternoon and I can get my water line as well as some of the old plumbing in the house replaced on Friday. I can't wait to be able to use my shower again!!! Thank goodness I have a nice big bath tub - that takes 40 minutes to fill with such low flow.


Thanks Jan! I like how these ones came out too. As always, it extra special for me when you really love them. :)))


Me too! Thanks Mariasha! :)))


Oh, that Fluffy is a demanding one, Ardy! LOL And that's an interesting thing with using the touch screen for solving. I never thought about your arm getting tired. Back to the mouse for you! See you soon. ((HUGS))


Kirsten, another winner! What a clever take on the theme. What beautiful kaleidos! (What a miracle that I am the fastest for a bit). They are each so lovely, but I adore the fiery one at the top left and the pink one has such fabulous 3-D! Great puzzle. Thanks!!

I love everything about Bollywood music! The dance moves and the costumes especially. There is so much exuberant fun about it, and this puzzle has that...thanks Kirsten.


I didn't quite make the board here. My rhythm got thrown off by needing to stop to feed the cat and then again to pour the hot water on the tea bag. (It's green tea with mint this morning) 9:29. I love your take on this week's theme. Thanks so much.

I did try solving Barbara's nine piece puzzle last night using the touch screen. Holding my arm up in that position was very tiring even on that small a puzzle. I tried it again with the mouse. My time was the same for both. Hope you've trundled off by now. May tomorrow be a better day is my wish for you. ((HUGS))