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March Hearterfly

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Snow in April is not the norm and if we do get any, it's generally really wet and only stays for a day or two, and because the weather is usually warmer, it's great moisture for the lawn. However this year, the snow that is already on the ground can be measured in feet and generally over 2 feet in most places. The hill on my front lawn (which was helped by the city grader clearing the streets) is still around 4 feet or so :((((


Oh, my, snow in April is NOT my idea of a good time, dammit! And while I'm glad the the Easter weekend will be nice, that somehow almost makes it even worse, knowing that it's just a brief reprieve from the miserable weather.....


Another wonderful, beauteous, grandeous, gorgeous fly for the land of sunshine and warmth, that place that Mother Nature is determined to keep in my mind only. Whatnauts is talking about more snow and cold and that's what is forecast for us here in Mn. also after a warm Easter weekend and I can't bear the thought of it. It's been a long time since we've had snow this late in the season--last time I remember snow in the middle of April was 20+ years ago. Rosie


Oooh, that's right--once you get the snow, it stays, whereas ours doesn't get much of a chance to pile up. Darn, I do hope you get a gradual warming, with maybe even an occasional day below 32, just to moderate the melting. Good luck, really! :-)))


Yes, it's normal. Once winter sets in, that's it until spring. Whatever snow we get stays there. And, on the news this week, we were informed that we received 200% more snow this past winter than normal. Yikes!! The only anomaly (besides the extraordinary snowfall) is that we are still a little below average temperatures for this time of year. We should be getting a few degrees above freezing every day.

So we finally made it above 0 today and should do for another couple of days and then it's back to below freezing for at least a few days. But what's going to be most important right now is that we don't warm up too fast so the snow can SLOWLY work it's way into the ground. When you consider that last year at this time the grass was starting to grow and we had temps in the mid teens (although that was very unusual), this spring has been hard to take, looking at the big mounds of snow that need to find somewhere to melt. The flood forecast for later this spring has been upgraded - it looks like there's going to be lots of flooding for some folks.


Thanks so much, Lee and whatnauts!

Oh, wow, and here I am complaining about our temps! Then again, people who live at the North Pole probably expect colder weather than people who live in southern NY... LOL! Seriously, is that normal for you, to go that long below 32 degrees? Or was the weather as much of an anomaly there as it was here?


We actually got to 0C today. Tomorrow it is supposed to be +1. If we make it, it will be the first time we're above freezing since before winter!!

I love this hearterfly, as well as the puzzle it was made from. Thanks, PD :)))))

Vibrant puzzle! Thank you so much.


Thanks, PJ, Mandy, and Barb--well, it actually hit 50F today, but I'm just afraid that Ma Nature might be only teasing us before she unleashes more of the white stuff... If my flies cheer things up, that's good enough for me right now! :-)))


I love this one with it's bright colours, Pat. Thank you. :-)


It's not here yet.... we've got more cold weather and snow forecast... possibly until the middle of next month!!! Keep up the good work though, Pat!! Your flys are wonderful :~))


Very nice one, Pat. And spring is starting over here - finally!!! Hope it comes your way too :-)))


Thanks, Ardy and Katie! I'm doing my best to promote/cajole/nudge/kick in the tushie our recalcitrant spring, but it really isn't cooperating, is it?........ :-)))


A beautiful fly Pat! We need spring!


That's funny, Edie! Am I becoming predictable, or what?! LOL!

Thanks so much, Ank! :-)))


This is a lovely hearterfly, Pat. Delightful colors and I always am pleased with your loving hearts. It has been noted and will join the others on the list shortly. Thanks, Pat.


Awww, this is a beauty, just love this fly, thanks


Funny thing was that I hadn't seen this puzzle when I left my comment on the March hearts. I guess that unknowingly I was thinking ahead. LOL Thanks Pat.