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Basket of Tapestry Crosses - Pastels

30 pieces
36 solves
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My daughter stitches the pockets, I stitch them together and do the crosses - It gives us both something to do while watching tv!


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Thanks Ardy - yes, I posted on the Brights puzzle that we give some to charity, and sell some to recoup the cost of our materials. My daughter enjoys choosing the colour combinations (she likes wackier combinations than I do!) We make them for prayer keepsakes for boy/girl christenings, confirmations, ordinations, bridesmaids, pageboys, Christmas, Easter, Etc. I usually sell them on eBay - not sure if I'm allowed to say that because I'm not touting for business or anything LOL! We enjoy doing them while watching tv during the evenings sometimes, and we both find it very therapeutic. I don't like the straight bits (the canvas gets folded over to make the pockets so it starts off as a long strip) but my daughter enjoys doing those. She doesn't like doing what she calls the fiddly bits - stitching up the pockets and doing the crosses, whereas I prefer to do those, so it's like Jack Sprat and his wife in the nursery rhyme!


Wonderful. And then what do you do with them? I like this. Thanks, Nicky.


Thanks threadyourneedle - we enjoy doing them!


A Cross for your pocket. Neat!!