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Who remembers this ?

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That's okay, Rockingrannybee... After all: What's in a name :-)

Sorry, I had the names but misspelled the last name. You are correct, it is Toody!


@Cevas: a walk down memory lane :-)
@ Rockingrannybee: I thought it was Toody, but then again, I'm only relying on my poor memory. And hey, I was a kid then, little did I know :-) Thanks for setting this straight.


Yes, definitely more memories! Thank you Starlord.


Check this out.... oh my, the memories :-)


Aren't we a bunch of old people in here :-) kiddinggggggggggg :-)
I just googled it. The series was broadcasted from 1961 till 1963.


Yes, I remember this one too. Thanks for the memories Starlord.


@ Pdevredis: they did have some sort of frame to put in front of the TV and also some sort of plastic that goes directly on the screen. It's a kind of plastic that has circular lines in it. Some cars have it on the rear window to enlarge the image in the rear view mirror.
@ Bikeman: wow, does that show still run? :-) Now IF my memory serves me well, they were officers Toody and Muldoon. I don't know who's who anymore. One always said 'Oe oe' and the other 'Jeninee Jehosaphat' :-)


I still watch it on ME-TV every weekend! oooohhh ooohhh!


Hmmm.... now that I read your comment, I'm wondering if the plastic was for magnification or for coloring--not the way yours was, but for kids to do! I remember this show:

Maybe that's the plastic I remember! How typical--a senior moment about a senior's moment...!


Thanks for your comment, Pkin, Pdevredis and JiggyBelle. When we had our first TV, the neighbours came over every evening to watch some TV together.
And i also remember they sold some sort of coloured plastic. The top part was blue and the bottom part green. It gave you the impression that you had colour TV ;-) (we never had that though).
Sad thing it only worked when you were looking at images of a meadow under a blue sky.
Indoor shots were hilarious.
My my my, am I THAT old already.
Well, considering that there were more inventions in the last fifty years than in all the centuries before.


I had forgotten about them completely! Thanks for the puzzle, Starlord!


Oh, forgot to add that I remember the no TV era as well, and the first set my uncle bought. The cabinet was ten times the size of the screen... I remember a plastic overlay they used to sell to place over the screen to act as a sort of magnifying glass... Ah, the good old days, before reruns and reality TV... LOL!


Who needed a remote back then?!! We got maybe a half dozen channels, so there wasn't much choice, and the screen was so much smaller that we all sat pretty close to it anyway...!


Ohhhh Yea Car 54 where are you... Watched that many times..


You always beat me on the board, Pilley :-) It is indeed 'Car 54 where are you?'. Must have been the early sixties, if I remember well. You even remember black and white TV? I even remember the NO television era :-)


Cannot believe I beat starlord on the the way...Car 54 where are you? and I even remember black/white and no remote.