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#15 DIY Free Veggies

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Kale is another cold crop and should be planted 3 months before your frost date.
These vegetables will re-grow from the white root end. Cut the stalks off as you normally would, and place the root end in a shallow bowl of water, enough to cover the roots but not the top of your cutting. Place it in a sunny window, occasionally spraying your cutting with water to keep the top moist.
After a few days, you should start to see roots and new leaves appear. After a week or so, transplant it into soil with just the leaves showing. Keep well watered. The plant will continue to grow, and within a few weeks it will sprout a whole new head.


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Thanks for sharing Nigeline! Kale is actually a type of cabbage and there are several varieties, all of which can be regrown from the root. This one is called Curly Leaf here in the US, and I'll admit I chose it because it looked nicest as a puzzle. Your description of the wintermeal your Mum prepared sounds wonderful, I'll try to make it here in cccold NY. If I'm successful, I'll post a puzzle of the finished dish for you!


Nice sharp picture. Thanks for all your vegs puzzles!
In Holland this vegetable is called: boerenkool (farmers-cabbage). It is chopped, then cooked with potatoes and mashed; sausages and gravy complete the wintermeal! In Holland it is associated with coming home from ice-skating on a lake, being very cold and then... mum's got boerenkool en worst, nice and hot and wholesome (and cheap too!). A bit of an old fashioned association, but still used in ads on t.v.!


Very welcome Janine.

I'm solving this later. It really makes a wonderful puzzle, and
I love Kale too. Thank you so much, Janine.