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Martello Tower on Coney Island, Bermuda.

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This fortification was built in 1822 with Bermuda limestone blocks with a dry moat and walls between 8 to 11 feet thick. It supported one gun that could traverse 360 degrees. An 18 pounder cannon was recently refurbished in England and placed as you can see in this picture. The trees around it are the Australian Casuarinas and along the right hand bank you can see loads of Freesia Flowers in bloom. You can see it was overcast today but still some blue in the water. There are two deep reefs just to the left out of the picture where dad used to spear some really big lobsters and Hogfish in the 50s.


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Hi Celeste, thanks.


Very cool picture Robbie


That would be nice Ardy, I'll just keep putting in pictures now and then, thanks.

Hi PKH, thankfully it was never used in anger, thanks.

Hi GS, thanks.


Interesting, and nice pic Robbie, thanks.


Looks like a strong defense. Thanks for the post and the history, robbie.


I'd love to come back again, Robbie, but doubt that I will. Thanks for the history lesson and the picture.


You are welcome and thanks, Jana, PK, Hanne, Monica and gnt.
I am so glad you enjoy the story and picture. This is so difficult to get a close-up of, yes you can wander around inside and out, but hard to get the moat and tower in the picture frame when you are so close. PG and a few others could probably do it, but I don't have a clue.......and if someone explains how?!.........I have less of a clue!!!!! I'll see if Jenny will get some pictures when she walks there next time.......I'm not walking!!


great pic and story about it ........thank U Robbiel


It's beautiful Robbie, thanks for the story behind it! Very fascinating, wish I could see a closer view of it though, guess I'll just have to get my hubby to take me there on vacation sometime to do that! Do they let tourists walk up close to and around it?


You make Bermuda a place where I think I've been all my life!! It's so fine to listen to you and experience what you tell!! Thanks so very much, Robbie!!


Love the story ... gorgeous picture as always ... thanks Robbie


Again, a great story, Robbie, thank you very much. I do like most sea, cliffs and freesia flowers :-))))


You're welcome and thanks, PG, Shirley, JB, cevas and bloorox.


Nice shot and, as always, great story! Thank you, Robbie!


Great picture!! Thank you Robbie. The water is a beautiful colour.


Love the history, Robbie! Would also love a closer look at the reefs as well as the tower! :D


Very interesting place, Thanks Robbie.


Great shot mate and thank you for the history.


That's not stupid LJ, it was drizzling with light rain as I took the photo, a bit misty looking as well, I can see why you thought that, thanks pleasant dreams. I'm heading off too.


This may be a stupid question, but is this a photo or painting, Robbie? It is soft and sort of pastel-looking. Okay, I'll go to bed.