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Tapestry Cushion - Autrumn Artichokes

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30 solves
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I enjoyed stitching this Primavera tapestry cushion front of artichokes - I changed the background colours as usual, but am not entirely happy with the pattern.


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My pleasure. Please make sure to publish a photo when you finalize the project. I've really enjoyed seeing the tapestries and solving the puzzles of them.


Ah, yes, I see what you mean. I couldn't cut it off as the stitches would unravel but I could incorporate it into a wider seam - maybe make an oblong cushion or even a roll instead. Thanks for the idea - I hadn't thought of that!


The diamond framework does overpower the artichokes a bit. But, then I like artichokes both to eat and decoratively. They can stand alone to me. Could this be used if you cut off the diamond pattern and leave the "rope" pattern or would the tapestry then be too narrow?