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Squaring The Swirl

49 pieces
110 solves
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Thanks so much, whatnauts, Ardy, and Jan--I kaleidoed it several times, but at the end of the process I did just a four-sided one, and it turned squarish in the middle, which it usually doesn't for me, and I was happy with that!


Pat - this was a delightful variation on different puzzles styles you've used. I loved the ruffly edges. Great fun to solve! Thanks so much!


Almost everything I've posted has been made with stitches like that. I wish I could contact you off Jigidi. Any chance?


This is, indeed, a beauty with a single cross-stitch in the middle.


Thanks, Ardy--it's good to see you again! Just woke up from a nap, so I'm feeling rested right now--I'm glad you liked this! Does the center look like a single embroidery stitch, a little?! :-)


Pat, Don't reply to me. I just want to tell you I love this - the idea, the shapes and the colors. Thank you.


Thanks, PJ! The other evening, when I made the swirl I posted today in deep colors, I actually colored it in fairly light colors first--this is that swirl in those light colors, kaleidoed. But I didn't feel like posting anything that bright as my main puzzle today, so I embossed it, to get the darker, more-end-of-November shades. I'm saving the lighter colors for spring...!


Pat - this was a cute one, and fun to solve, and early enough to appear on the board!