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Stained glass dome

63 pieces
72 solves
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you could all sit under that beautiful glass dome...and sip a cup of tea! :)


I sorta asked that in a joking way, but so glad you responded. Yes, I started out small also, and prefer less than 80 pieces, really around 70 pieces. I think that's the good thing about Jigidi, it does keep our brains exercised. Wondering if the dementia and alzheimer's patients had these puzzles, if it may have helped them???


Well, it has helped my brain - when I started the puzzles it took me quite a while to get into the swing of it and I did the easier puzzles, but now I'm looking for more of a challenge but I try to keep the puzzle pieces a size that is not too taxing, but still gives the brain a little workout. You certainly managed a good time with this one Flkatz.


Another great challenge! Marian, do you really think this is helping our brains??? lol!!! :))))


This looks more difficult than it really is and I'm glad you enjoyed it Valleystream.

Magnificient glass dome. Grandeous puzzle!!