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Amsterdam, Capital of the Netherlands.

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Hi friends. It is not common but in the Netherlands are the capital city and the government city not the same. The government is in The Hague. The Capital is Amsterdam. Often therefore people thought that The Hague is the capital of NL. Unusual but not true. The Hague is the capital of the province of South Holland. I myself was born and raised in The Hague (Den Haag).


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Hi Cathy, I don't know. Or maybe a little. Starlord is from Belgium, and they say, there is only one good kind of beer, that's Belgium beer. The German have the same, German beer, there is no better. Then Dutch people, most drink Dutch beer, of course, it is cheaper as the Belgian and German beer. Then you have the snobs. You don't drink Dutch beer!!!! to cheap. But I wonder, why do you find Heineken all over the world? Why do people all over the world like it? I don't like beer, but I think Heineken must be good.


Great picture and lots of good information. Thank you Ank ! ( ... and Starlord ) I don't drink beer either but like Jana I thought it was from Germany. Why do people say that it isn't real beer? Maybe we need a comment from Morris. He is the beer expert !!


Thanks Monica, Adriana, Katie and Ann. I'm glad you like it, I agree, these old houses are beautiful. Katie that's why I make small puzzles. I know we are all very busy. With small puzzles we can solve more, but sometimes there is even no time for that, then we just look, no problem. Sometimes I have very short times and sometimes it takes a lot of time. I mostly solve my own puzzles more times because I want to be on the board.
Ann I will look at it, I had a translation problem there. Thanks.
Hoi Adri, ja geboren en getogen in Den Haag, maar ik heb me nooit een hageneesje gevoeld. Mijn ouders kwamen uit Arnhem. Het eerste huis dat in Arnhem sneuvelde, tijdens operatie Market garden, was van mijn grootouders, mijn ouders woonden daar ook. Via via zijn mijn ouders in Den Haag terecht gekomen. In de vakanties waren wij meestal in Arnhem. Ik woon nu zeven jaar in Friesland en heb geen moment spijt gehad dat ik het wilde westen achter me gelaten heb. Ik voel mij eerder Fries dan Haags.


Hey, Ank---GARY left you a message on his 'zit' puzzle............


I do usually solve. That's the best way to get a closer look at the pictures. Not fast enough to get into the top ten though. My time on this one 0:39, so not too far off!


ik had hier ook al gschreven aar denk dat ben vergeten op post comment te klikken grrrr
zo je bent dus een hageneesje ??? wonend i Friesland. Leuke foto hoor.


I really love the buildings in this pic! The architecture is fabulous! Thanks Ank!


In the center are large parts of the streets closed to traffic. Only pedestrians and trams. Yes Katie,there are. Lots. But in every neighbourhood are shops too. Amsterdam is not different from other big cities. You are welcome to look at the photos, no time to solve?, no problem, just look.


Thank you for setting the record straight, Ank. You gave some good information. Beautiful, too!


Every one walking around. The traffic must be terrible. A beautiful city.


This does look like a very busy city. Are there any residential areas with only homes? Your tours are very educational for me in Ohio. I've never been anywhere in Europe and like seeing all your pictures. Thanks Ank!


Thanks friends, I agree it's a wonderful city for a visit, but I don't want to live there. Just around the block, OK, but then it's a very biiiiiiig block.


A very inviting neighborhood of shops to visit!! Beautiful buildings!! Another place to sit, sip a beverage, and visit each other!! Thankyou for showing us!! :)


Amsterdam is indeed a beautiful town!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Love it Ank and Starlord is right Just around the block..


Thank Starlord and Ank, I'm not an expert beer :-)))


Very lovely building here Ank. Thanks


Never been in The Hague. It was Amsterdam that I visited only once. It's about 300 kilometers from here. That's some 160 miles.
In American standard, that's... just around the block :-)


Thanks Pinkie, Lorna, Starlord and Jana. I'm glad you.
Thanks Lorna, I always try to see the bright side.
Jana Starlord is right, its Dutch beer and they drink it all over the world. Lots of people only want Heineken. Other people say it's no beer. I don't know, I don't like beer. I understand Starlord is one of the last part, no Heineken. lol.
Starlord, you are very right, you are aware of the history of the house of Orange. But it should also be so. Finally, a large part of our history is the same. King Willem I was your king too. Until 1830, when Belgium separated themselves. You don't have to be ashame that you was only once in The Hague, it's not far away, but just a little too far for a daytrip. You are right too about Anne Frank and the Vondelpark.
Pinkie, Indeed we have both, and March 31, the queen will retire and we get a king. But the royal family is separate from the government. Every four years we vote for a new government in the Netherlands. Pinkie do you know that I post a montly Birthday calendar? If you want your name on the calendar, just add your date on one of my puzzles, I will make you a Birthday puzzle and maybe other friends will do too. I post the calendar two days before the new month starts. Ank


No Janazlouky. Heineken is a Dutch beer, but then again... you can hardly call it 'beer' :-)


I know that Amsterdam is the capital and the government is in the Haag, I see there at house Heineken, I think it is a German beer, is that correct? Thank you Ank, I really like Amsterdam :-)))


Even though it is so close to where I live, I've only been there once. Shame, isn't it? And for the record, even though the Dutch flag is red, white and blue, the national colour of the Netherlands is orange. The royal family is the House of Orange. This has nothing to do with the fruit, but it refers to a department in France that's called 'Orange'. Right PJ ? :-) By the way, this is a nice view. Typical for the Netherlands. And the house of Anne Frank was in Amsterdam too. Then you have the Vondelpark, the cradle of the hippies in the 60's.


Good morning Ank. This is a lovely bright sunny city scene. I love your expression that the sun is shining in you as well as outside! Enjoy your sunny day.


Nethrelands has a queen and a government also.


Hi goodevening Chookies. The sun is shining, not only outside but in me too. So it has to be a great day. Have a nice evening and sleep tight.


Good morning, Ank. It's that time of day that we change places, my friend. Have a wonderful day and I'll see you in the morning. Hugs.


Hi Localhost, sorry but you are wrong. The Hague is the seat of the Government of the Netherlands. The Hague is also the Capitol of the county South Holland, but The Hague is not the Capitol of the Netherlands, that's Amsterdam. I'm Dutch. Ank

The Hague ist the Capital of NL