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Side-By-Center-By-Side (Smaller)

40 pieces
65 solves
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Thanks so much, Edie, Jan, and Ardy--perhaps the UFO in the puzzle has beamed up most of the people on Jigidi, because they're certainly not here solving it! LOL!!! Well, WE liked it, right?! I appreciate all the nice comments! :-)))


I love it, Pat. Colorful sound waves expanding and filling the air with beauty. Thanks, Pat.


I love the concept of a spaceship! I kept thinking of a hallway that has those doors that close behind you as you pass. It's wonderful. Thanks so much!


Really like the interlocking ones Pat. Looks like a platter I could use for the turkey that I'm cooking today. Thanks


The puzzles that have interlacing ovals or other shapes do take longer, because I have to keep alternating the shapes and locations, and I also try to keep the images as symmetrical as I can get them freehand, unlike regular swirls which are not intended to be precise. I thought it looked like a (psychedelic, maybe!) spaceship from another world myself! LOL!

Thanks, Barb and Katie! :-)))


This one looks like a UFO! Thanks for the fun Pat!


Such a clever looking puzzle, Pat. I wonder if this would take longer to create than your normal swirl? Looks to me like a fair bit of work. Thanks so much. :-)