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Sunset 19 February 2019

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5:36 PM
The Hague, Holland.
After a slightly cool(er) (8°C.) but very sunny day!


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Yes, Impie, that's the way to do it. I'm thinking in the same vein, because, as teachers, neither of my children will every be able to afford to buy a house.


Hi Anne and Bobbie, I'm entitled to add that the (Regional) Corporation I rent from is a good one. There are malicious Corporations in Holland as the one I rented my former home from before we moved here!
We have never owned a home, always rented. With the house prices of today, I'm even more happy with my rental home! We changed the contract after André died, I'm now the head tennant and Liertje is co-tennant. If something should happen to me, he can stay and live in this house!
If I had owned this home and should something happen to me, both my sons would inherit the home and if Liertje (who lives with me) would like to stay put, he'd have to buy his brother out! They are good buddies, mind you, but writing this down makes me realize even more how relaxed it is to have a rental home! ☺♥☺

I sympathise with your last line, general people don't care how well we do, as we get older. In fact our Government blames all high costs on pensioners and Baby-boomers (my generation)!!! Here a politica of a left wing political party even suggested 2 weeks ago: we should make a law that everyone from the age of 70 (!!!) in need of surgery first gets seen by a geriater if it's worthwhile that person is operated on!!!! With 70 you're written off it seems! I wonder whether she thinks the same about her own parents! My best friend (74) was furious when she heard this....she does a lot of voluntary work and she's right, most volunteers are pensioners and people way over 70!!!
These things can make ones blood boil knowing how they think of us 'oldies'!!!


Hi Impie, thank you for your explanation and I agree that you have a very good situation in all regards. At this time in your life when you need to enjoy the freedom from "home owner woes" this works out very well. You have good options to pick from and the maintaining is not on you to have to do or risk big money, possibly failure.

In the USA, there are the big corporations which then delegate to lesser entities who may or may not follow through properly. Then of course comes the zillions of law suits that end up in the courtrooms! Everything we like and want comes with a price, but when the ones naming the price are out to squeeze that last "buck" out of you, it is pitiful. We truly are "just a number." Personal regard is at the end of struggling rather then at the beginning. I have come to realize that the older we get, the less they care how well we do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Like townhome here in many ways. But in townhomes the owner pays for repairs. Outside stuff is all the Association (paid for by Home Owner's Association fees). Inside repairs are paid for and the responsibility of the owner - I wish associations here had that same level of responsibility for their repair people etc. That's the type of housing I'm looking for in Minneapolis. Owning my own home is not a reasonable expense any more considering I have to pay for almost everything to get done.


Hi Bobbie.
I rent my home from a big rental corporation. Here in Holland we rent "empty" homes and the maintainance is for the Corporation....I pay a few euros a month for my service contract...which assures every 18 months (their own) workmen come and check the hinges and locks....see to it whether the taps still function well. The Combi kettle (for heating and hot water) hanging in the loft is owned by the corporation and they leave the maintainance to a specialised company. Paint jobs on the outside of the house is done by the Corporation. Repairs to things belonging in the house, like the kitchen counter, the shower, the toilet(s), the radiators, electricity wires, doors.....are all a phone call away from extra charges!
But....indoor decoration, like flooring, wall paper, painting etc. that's for the tennants, so I'm glad we can do most handy work ourselves!! There is a possibility to ask the Corporation for help with chores if you can't do yourself, at a price of course!

I hope my story isn't too confusing...LOL


Yes Impie, I'm happy that you have the "Dutch Handyman" to refer to if needed, but I thought you and the boys did the floor job yourselves. Well if you did it was a perfectly beautiful job. It's probably true that the "landlords" do want the good references as well, but my theory on "lording" over anything has a shelf life because after "collecting" on their investment, over time it becomes a matter of fact, an accepted practice if you will. The ones who work hard and pay their due diligence, are hardly recognized any more as the ones who "pay THEIR lifestyles!" It especially becomes even more egregious (meaning outstandingly bad or shocking!) when the business or ownership changes management or sells it with all the "payers" intact. This is where 'modern progressing' takes a fork in the road from the old ways when our forefathers taught us the 'do unto others' rule.
That was my last thought and you don't have to respond. (It isn't easy for me to use few words and you know how I get 'diarrhea of the mouth' once I start.) ◔̯◔


Hi Bobbie, I love it that Bill said 'cute''s exactly the right word!!!!☺

We have also people here who live similar to the Amish. They sound like decent people and I'm glad you have such good experience with their work done.
Here it costs people an arm and a leg to get work done for you and if your lucky you'll get a "Dutch handyman doing it for you!!!!..."I have a rental home so if anything has to be done, all I just have to make an appointment! If it's not properly done I can make a complaint and it will be followed up.!
They want good references to be able to push up the rent! LOL


Hi Impie, I hope everybody goes to Goofie's photo! I love it! Bill said, "Tell Impie that Goofie looked like the bunny and it sure is cute!" Yes, he said "cute."

Your point about "modern progressing" is valid because of how far we have grown away from being able to adapt to our changing weather conditions, for one thing. Here in our circle of friends and contacts, we have an Amish community. About 22 years ago, we learned about them from our neighbors. So when we needed some work done on the house, we called "Jonathan" who will come with a small 3 - 5 man crew. It is absolutely mind-blowing how much they can accomplish and the way they do things. (never have we had to call him back or had any problem.) They still do not individually drive to a job. They have a vehicle to bring them all at one time and their supplies as well. This is so interesting I want to share it. You know how the weather has been up and down . With not more than a couple days forecasting good weather, they showed up on one good day 3 weeks ago to do a planned job for which they already had the down payment. Called the night before, showed up at 7:30 AM, sided our whole house, finished before dark AND cleaned up. Now the point here, they are so resourceful, honest and able to do things you would never expect out of a human man. For example. We had a situation on a wall around a window where unknowingly, water got into to the wall and caused enough damage to need repair. The window is one of those vinyl doubles that open into your room to wash. It had to come out to fix the wall. I saw this young man take out the window and step down to the ground from a ladder holding it without hanging onto the ladder! I said, "Jonathan, are you superman in disguise?" He laughed. His motto is, " NO NOISE>NO MESS>NO PROGRESS!" They have been here 4 times. A steel roof on the barn. Steel roof on the house. Remove and replace one whole wall on the long side of the barn. And now the whole house sided. Although each was a large involved job, they never took more than one day to complete each! Your jaw would drop if I told you the cost. Let's just say that modern construction crews would have cost 4 X more. I am getting to a really big point here, your point. The "old ways" that have NOT been passed on in modern life, have been lost. We moderns don't know the true meaning of hard work and accomplishment. The Amish may not have as much academic learning but they can sustain themselves through life on every level of need. They're doing it in a modern world. They are basically happy, loving, respectful individuals and they are as healthy and strong as a human can be. Not much "modern progressing" going on... but yes, Jonathan does have a cell phone, most of them do not have phones.

Tell Liertje that if he truly loves the tomatoes, containers have worked for us for 3 years now. The largest pots (2 ft x 2 ft ) work best. Bill put a container for each variety (4) and they grow very tall and full. However, when they did not do well, it was the weather's conditions and everybody had the same issue. Also, it was your photos and Liertje's little greenhouse and his paprika peppers that we thought was a great idea and we did some of that and ended up with a beautiful crop that we dried and ground for the winter. ٩(⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎)۶


Hi Bobbie. I can imagine Bill was in awe to see the bunny sitting like that. Goofie could sit like that for minutes at the garden door....watching Cat TV ! Here's prove:

Liertje grows paprika (peppers) from seeds in pots and puts them out in our garden after they've reached a good size....last year tomatoes failed and I don't think he's trying to grow them this year or ever again! In his home made greenhouse he grows garlic. He puts them out in the sun for a few hours and then before dawn he'll put them back in the greenhouse. I don't have a Food Saver, but I do cut paprikas and put them in bags and ration them in the freezer. They often come in handy!
The entire world is changing and we all seem to notice it one way or the other.....but the things that worry me all the modern 'progressing' .....I also think we're somehow digging our own graves!!!! ;(

Thank you mother123456....I'm glad you enjoyed my puzzle and hope you had a good night!

A wonderful way to solve my last puzzle for the night! Thanks for a beautiful sunset Impie.
Good night and God bless you!


Hi Impie, it was a sight! The snow was a fresh layer. It was so obvious to see the tracks coming from all know the single "lanes" that brought them to the "hub." Bill also saw something last night that he'd never seen before...a large bunny standing tall, like a woodchuck or a meerkat they do that with their arms hanging down. We see an occasional opossum, but the bunnies are numerous. ◔ ⌣ ◔

Reading your comment about the changeable conditions.... you are going to become weary of me saying this, but now it is 2 years that we have not been "in" the season that it is supposed to be. None have been true to form either because of the huge pendulum swing of the temps within a season. I have wondered if it is time to plan different garden choices when it comes to growing seasons. Some of the "crossover" plants, meaning plants you think are going to be okay if it's too hot or too cold, may not be "getting with the program." We grew eggplants in some containers up by the house and in the garden where there's no protection. In containers they did well, but in the big garden they failed. I love okra right off the plant, (lightly sauteed) so I rarely buy frozen. Okra didn't make it 2 years now. Another thought. Last season the tomatoes were disappointing. Today I used the last frozen package. Do you have a vacuum bagger, or Food Saver they call it here in the USA. It is so easy to rinse and bag them, ready for a meal or soup. I had to ration them this year. ⊙﹏⊙ (that is a worried look--if it didn't make sense.)


Thank you, Anne was♥

Yea!!! Nancy....I wish you all better weather! ☺

Hi Bobbie, today the wind was a bit stronger and we also had some overcast that didn't last long, it definitely made for a nice sunny day! :-)
I hope your weather will change for the better soon.
I would've loved to see the tracks of those bunnies....the tracks of an animal, pets or wild, are always so cute to see!!!


Oh Faye, I'm sorry about your weather! Our forecast for tomorrow is similar to today and from Thursday we'll get warmer and sunny weather again. It's amazing and I'm certainly not complaining, but I'm carefully enjoying this spring-like weather .....we have a phrase: "Maart roert zijn staart "(which literally translates into "March wags its' tail") which means so much as "the month of March can give changeable weather!!!" :-))
Last year we had the Siberian Bear visited in February and March when we thought we had Spring! :-)


Impie, this is going to be our sunset tonight...after a very frigid start we are also enjoying a sunny day, which they say is a break until tomorrow another storm will grace us. The S.A.D. "thing" has become real this year. The sun today helped alot...I didn't go back to bed (¬_¬)

Our feeders looked like the bunnies held a convention last night. There were a thousand tracks!

Cold & grey here but warmer weather on the way! YEA!!!


Glad you had sun.....interesting sunset.


-1ºC here right now with rain and snow flurries predicted...possibly 5 cm. Nice to see a sky with some actual light in it! ;D

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