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Best Friends

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YEA!!! Am happy for you too Annie. HUgs xx♥♥☺


I have my sister staying with me for 2 weeks!! Very happy...she is planning on moving in with me in July. This will be wonderful because we both are alone and this helps the both of us. :0)


12:33~love her work so thanks Annie. Hugs for you. Hope you are doing okay my friend. Hugs xx♥♥


Thank you sweetie! I'm doing OK. :0)
going to post some new ones now.....


Just checking in, Annie, to see if you have posted anything. I hope the weather has cleared some and things are looking better up that way. I think of you each day and pray you are doing okay. Sending many warm hugs my dear friend, plus you are always in my prayers.


Good morning, Annie. It was so good to hear from you and know that you are okay. It is terrible that you had to dig out your car yourself. You needed some help with that because that must have been a hard job and, as you said, it left you not being able to breathe good. I do worry about you, my dear friend, and want you to be careful and not overdo. I'm like you about the heat -- NOT my thing. In fact, it was around 80 here yesterday and we turned on the A/C. (ha) It is to be 80 today also so summertime is looking very hot and we must have lost Spring sometime during what was supposed to have been winter. :))) Please take are of yourself and know that I care about you and think of you each day with prayer. Many hugs, my friend.
Thank you for posting this cute and sweet painting of two little girls who are best friends. What a delightful time in a child's life.