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Passion Vine

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Nothing like them for layers on layers of beauty. I dug it along a road and now it is covered with blacktop. It is putting out new shoots in the sun room.


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Thanks for sharing your memories, dbnc. I am waiting for these to make fruit so I can try it. Most of my plants grow wild in SW Indiana. These seem to spread easily, but need something to climb on to really show off it's blooms.

1 love these flowers
when i was a little girl they grow wild in our fields
we would pick them and play with them
they were called may pops
they had a egg shaped fruit and when they turned real yellow we would eat them

Happy to share the happiness with you, Jana. :-)))


It is great beauty, thank you Angel very much :-))))

Glad to help make your day happy, Monica.


Absolutely gorgeous! I love it, thanks so much Angel! That was lots of fun!...Monica