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Horse and Trough

12 pieces
146 solves
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Hi Jacques. Thank you and merry Christmas to you and your family!

Hi Suzy. Thank you! I don't have to lead this one. He knows the way!


You can lead a horse to water....:) Nice sculpture!


beautiful, merry christmas cevas


Glad you like them JC. I agree. Snow is only fun if you are looking at it, playing in it or ...... taking pictures of it !


Nice snow pictures, Cathy. I still enjoy seeing it snow but just little snowfalls. Last year, I had my neighbor plow my driveway. I normally shovel it myself but I don't get that much enjoyment out of shoveling anymore!


Thank you Lorna. Yes I posted this picture on 14 Oct and his tracks in the sidewalk. On snowy days I think someone should put some horse tracks in the snow !


Beautiful. I think I have said it before on one of your previous puzzles, but I absolutely love this horse statue, and with the trough, makes for quite a dramatic image. Thanks Cathy.


Thank you Ank. Yes, it's a beautiful white world. A nice break from all the rain. I will go and check out your puzzles right now but I might not solve them until this evening.

Hi Kate. Thank you for your kind comments and the good wishes. All the best to you too!


Cathy, What a wonderful set you've given us today. I love the nearly all black and white of them. I wish you a very joyful Season. Kate


Snoooooooooooow. So you have a white world. It looks so beautiful. And I think, as long it isn't too much, it's better as all that rain.
I saw your message to my friend Elly, I will tell her.
Today I posted the detailphotos, I hope you enjoy them. And don't make much work of it, Just one comment and I know you was there. It takes else so much time. Hug.


Taken 18 Dec in Victoria Park, North Vancouver.