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Mandy, I LOVE how you described the stars. You're so right!

whatnauts, since I'm not a flower expert, and can only recognize dandeliions because we get so many of them in the summer, I had to check to see what daffodils looked like. Please don't tell anyone how flower illiterate I am. Anyway, they do resemble daffodils. Now I know what two flowers look like. hehehe


I also see daffodils, so my brain has renamed this puzzle Daffodil Stars :)))))))


Fabulous stars Wendy, I love the way you've let them weave amongst each other, and none of them outshine the other, but they all shine in slightly different ways - a bit like some of my favorite puzzle creators!!!!! LOL


Oh geeeeeez, Pat, I STILL LOVE my water color puzzle BY FAR the BEST. I don't understand how you like this one and the strange one more. There's something seriously wrong with one of us. LOL


And this is my second favorite one--it would have tied for first, but it took a long time for me to get a handle on it, even though the colors weren't really hard to sort out! So I have to apologize to it--it lost out only because I failed its test! LOL!