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Archie's 1st Birthday!

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Thank you Michelle, Archie appreciates the good wishes!


I missed his birthday!!!

A belated but well-intentioned Happy Dog-Day, Archie!

From Michelle and Bonnie and Darcy and Meara!


Have a great visit with your daughter. I have your number, Mimi. Will give you a call from New Orleans! :)


Thanks Ann, Pat, Suzy and Yellowgal. His birthday was extra special and he loved all the excitement!

Suzy, we'll be back from my daughter's around the 18th. Hope to hear from you then.

Sorry I'm late to the party, handsome young man, wow! priority mail for your 1st birthday!
Souinds like your day was very special as it should be !!!


Happy Barkday, Archie! I bet there's something special in that package for you!


Love it thanks Mimi


I bet this handsome guy had a mighty sore tum-tum from all the extra belly rubs he got on his special day. Don't you just wish they could understand what all the hoopla is about when we humans celebrate things like this? I'm sure they don't care what it all means, though, they're just happy for all the extra attention! Mercy, I wish I could speak 'Dog"!...............


Thank you Ank. He had a fine birthday! I love this smiley, happy picture and I didn't want you to miss it!


Happy Birthday dear Archie. Also I wish you all the best hugs and treats and belly rubs. And there is post for you, I'm sure there are treats in. And I think you you also think so, you look so happy.
Mimi he became so beautiful. Thanks


Yes, his very first package through the mail - from an aunt, his mom's sister.


Happy Birthday Archie, and I see you have mail, looking good Archie.


Thanks for all the great Birthday wishes for our birthday boy. I think he had a fine day, presents, treats and lots of love and belly-rubs. That's a great plan you had there Robbie, especially the part about my white bedspread! Archie appreciates all the good wishes and thanks each of you, his friends. Thanks Gnt - t'was a happy day, Hanne - treat delivered, Jan - lots of treats, Pat - love your sweet words, Gemstone - XOXOs back at you, Robbie - you rascal, Sladjana and Tzille - thanks for being his friends, Libby, Roxie, Callie Lou and Java Bean - thank you all, and Wilddog - thanks for your sweet words. (Is your Jesse a dog? I had a wonderful big 20 lb Jesse cat - my avatar.) Anyway, it was a good day for us all!


what a handsome fellow. Happy birthday Archie from Jesse.


What a bright and happy face...a sweet soul !!! ;-)))
Happy Birthday Archie, many more to come! From Roxie, Callie Lou and Ms Java Bean! ;-)


Party ! ! ! ! ! Happy Birthday, Archie. Your buddy Tzille :)


Hey Archie, let's celebrate your special day together mate! Come with me, I'm making some soap bombs with bangers in them........I'll light them and you can drop them off on doorsteps!! Then we can find a big mud puddle, let the adrenaline cool down then take a wet snooze on Mimi's white bedspread!!! (Heh, heh, heh!!)


Happy day, Archie! XOXO


Now that you've grown so big, there's that much more cute to love! Happy Birthday, Archie! :-)))


Happy Birthday, Handsome! Hope you get special treats today! :)


Give him a great treat!! Happy birthday, Archie!! Thanks so very much Mimi!!


great looking pooch......happy happy day to Archie.....


Thanks Kittenlove, Archie sends his love!

Thanks Lambchop. Yes, he is an Australian Shepherd. He's such fun dog, loves everybody!


Love Archie!!!! Is he an Australian Shephard? He sure looks like my Honey. Happy Birthday, Archie.

Hello ! and Happy birthday Archie ! are a cutie pie.....hope your day is so much fun.
Lots of hugs to you. Love ya, Janine