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Argenton sur Creuse, France

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And if you try the local firewater it actually does!! LOL


It looks so tranquil, as if time stood still...


It is lovely, Gail. To the left is a mill, no longer working but used as an exhibition hall. A really lovely spot. :-)


Hester, this is gorgeous. I could live here and die a happy woman. I'm so glad you had a fabulous time.


A bit of a nightmare drive from N. Wales to north of le Mans for the first night. Then Argenton sur Creuse for the 2nd (just gorgeous!) A night in Cahors before a week on R.Lot. It was wonderful. Fabulous scenery and a lot of fun on the river. I'll be posting a good few pics over the next week. We then tootled back through the route de grand vins (Beaune, Burgundy and bliss :-) ) before 2 nights in Brugges . Pretty well the best trip ever!

What a neat trip. The South of France? All by boat, or did you drive as well?


Our second stop on our French Oddesy. A beautiful sleepy town with some wicked, tricky restaurants. I knew at this point that my waistband was going to be under siege over the next two weeks!! :-(( What the hell,... :-))))