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I Miss You, Mom!

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You know it tex, you will have sweet dreams tunite!


You're sweet, Gracie! I know she will.


Sleep well Tex, your mother will be taking care of you! We are blessed with such wonderful mothers!!


I feel the same way, Mary, maybe that's why we miss them so much. There's a big hole there now.


I know the pain so well.My mother died 28 yrs.ago and Daddy died 20 yrs ago.I dreamed about them for years.But they were good parents,and I was loved.(-:


And Rob, it will feel like that for a long time. It gets softer, but never leaves you. I'm so sorry you had that loss.


Lovely Tex - thank you.My Mum passed away in Feb this year & it only seems like last week.


Wow, freaky tex.


Morris, I've got one for you. In my family, EVERY death comes on a birthday. My sister died on mine, my brother on my sister's, and my Dad on his own birthday, Mother on my niece's. Each time there's a birthday in our family, we all cringe wondering who's next! It's a real phenomenon.
Thank you, Lyndee, CM, Gracie & Morris. We have a very special relationship, the best!


Happy rebirthday, mamatex!! My Dad passed tu days after my birthday over 6 years ago. So it is easy for me tu remember that date! It does not get easier!


My heart is with you Tex!


Sorry for you heartache tex.


What a nice memory she left for you. She sounds very special.


Amen! Sometimes when I'm working outside, I feel her so close to me. When I was little, she'd tell me that when a flower blooms, it's God smiling at you, and now when they bloom, I think it's her smiling at me! Happy times!


Very nice Tex. There's nothing like the love of a mother. My mom has been gone 8 years but I still miss her so much. Every little thing reminds me of her. Thank God we have our memories that never fade.


I know, Ank, mine has been gone 37 years today, and I still want to call her up to chat. I called her everyday, sometimes more than once. I bet she's having a good time in Heaven, though! Maybe she visits your Mom!


This is beautiful Tex. I understand the feeling, Mom is gone for 33 years now but I still miss her.


Thank you. Today is the anniversary date of her death, and no matter how many you go through, you still remember what day it is!


Very sweet. I miss mine too.


A very nice tribute to your Mom.