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Vintage Fillmore poster No. 96 (Winterland)

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Well, it's early Decemeber, 1967 and we're back at the Winterland… that didn't last too long, did it? One night, the 7th, this concert was held at the Fillmore, then the 8th and 9th, it was at the Winterland. Guess the termites weren't controlled... pesky little stinkers. Bonnie MacLean designed this poster - quite a departure from the usual, I think.

The Byrds lost their primary song writer when Gene Clark left. He didn't want to tour because of his fear of flying... he's a Byrd...think about it...

The Byrds -

Electric Flag -

B. B. King - (even with help from Eric Clapton, these two are smoked by the Lee Michaels version... I gotta be honest with you...)


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Good morning, John. I'm glad you enjoy visiting my puzzles, but I don't think I like being responsible for keeping your bowels healthy. It's a burden to carry so much power. You're right, this is NOT the Green Man, who likes his veggies, but some poor soul too full of colon-clogging food that he's praying for the train to leave the station. With your dyslexia, perhaps you have mis-diagnosed your skin and have sisairosp, a harmless condition cured by eating lima beans and listening to my music posts. Can't hurt...


It's a bird! He's insane! It's... Super Gene! A byrd that is afraid to fly? He's lucky he didn't follow the same path as the Dodo or the Great Auk. (I'd mention the Passenger Pidgeon but the Passenger Pidgeon was an accomplished flyer, much like Willie Nelson and Jerry Garcia and if I tell the heartbreaking story of the Passenger Pidgeon, it would make me cry, and my makeup would run and I'd lose my job as TIMMY the Clown...)

I like the artwork of today's submission. But I never would have guessed it was for a concert at the Fillmore/Winterland… unless I read the entire poster and then there would be a 50/50 chance I would know. I have an attention 'spam' is about .003 milliseconds long and my dyslexia would tell me the show was at the eromlliF/dnalretniW. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy foreign foods, but I have never heard of the eromlliF/dnalretniW restaurant. It must be on the 'nice' side of town. Oh... and the face has an eerie resemblance to the Green Man, so it must be a vegetarian restaurant which means they serve lima beans, a definite no-no in TIM's world.

Looking closer I realize the poster does not look like the Green Man. I don't believe the Green Man had a guitar shaped birthmark on his face... or a flag shaped blemish or a flower shaped mole. And I didn't smell any Italian dressing. Definitely NOT Green Man

Thanks again for the informative puzzle, but it's not the information that keeps me coming back, it's the accompanying witty dialogue. It keeps me regular and helps relieve the heartbreak of psoriasis. Thanks for another successful start to my day! Prepare for liftoff!


Thanks, mpp. Interesting comparison!


Lee Michaels -

I would pay money to watch him read a billboard...

Returner - THANK YOU! You read my efforts. I am grateful!


Black is a whole new color for these posters. Love the B.B. King/Eric Clapton number but I don't think I've heard the Lee Michaels.