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It's a Green Wednesday...

30 pieces
97 solves
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This kaleidoscope was created from an image sent to me by Contomiani. Many thanks, Catherine.


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That was soooooo fun Gail. Thank you for a lovely, bright and entertaining time and puzzle.

I am just now discovering the "Favorites" tab and I find it very handy too. Just added you to my favorites :-)


You're welcome, Deborah and Rob. Deborah, you've already gotten the boot!


I'm using IE9 Gail - my system automatically upgrades - so that shouldn't be the problem. I'll see how it goes today. Thanks.


Hah! I made it on the board! Alas, probably soon to be kicked off! LOL Thanks Gail!


I'm glad you enjoyed it, Kirsten and Rob.
Rob, have you tried using a different browser? When I had those problems a few days ago, I went on Google Chrome and it was fine. After several days, I went back to Internet Explorer 7, and I had no problems. I can't explain it, and neither can they, at least for my issue. They said they have a problem with IE7, since it's so old.


I LOVE that green, Gail!! This one's a little beauty. Thanks so much. :)))


Nice one Gail! I'm late solving some puzzles today - I'm still having minor problems as it won't let me solve some puzzles, 2 of my own today, until late in the day!! If it keeps up I'll have to notify Stefan again. Everything went smoothly yesterday & then today - random madness!! GGRR!!


What a wonderful thing to say. You made my evening, Katie. I set my searches to scroll through Favorites only. There are just too many puzzles on there and not enough time. When I first started coming on Jigidi, there were approximately 700 puzzles a day, so with ten to a page (as it was then), it would take 70 pages to search through everything. Ever since Jigidi went on Facebook last year, it's increased exponentially, and I won't even take a guess as to how many puzzles are on there now. What you might do is to put your favorite puzzlers in your Favorites, and search through them every once in a while. It takes me about seven or eight pages max to get through all the puzzles. I miss out on a lot, but that's a small price to pay for having more time to solve and create puzzles.


I need to visit you more often Gail! There are so many, many great puzzle makers (like you) and just not enough time to see and do all!


You're so welcome, Katie. I appreciate your feedback.


Hi Gail, I love this colorful beauty! Thanks!