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This beach hit hard by Sandy

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Oh, Pat. I was so concerned for you and the family. My water was a little dampness. Didn't even need to mop it up. I know when talking with Kirsten we have to think backwards for seasons and forward for days of the week. I have enough trouble with Daylight Saving Time!! So glad to hear you were ok and that the wedding went off well. Waiting to see pictures.


It was fascinating to read the comments here after the fact, and I'm glad we're all still here to share them! (I'm glad the water wasn't a bad problem for you, Ardy.) It was especially fun to be startled by Kirsten's comment about how hot it gets "even down south"! I'm so used to the south being the hotter area! :-)))


Yikes, I just discovered I also missed seeing you, Kirsten. You've been so busy I wasn't expecting to see you at all. Thanks for coming by. I know this beach doesn't look anything like this now. I've read that the pier at the southern end of the boardwalk from where I took this picture was demolished. Don't know about the boardwalk itself. They had to replace it just a few years ago after another hurricane.

In summer our temperatures stay between 30-35 C plus high humidity. This past summer was unusually hot and dry. We haven't had really good fall colors because of that. Have a great day. Here are some good morning hugs. ((HUGS))


Dagmar, I'm sorry. I almost missed you here. I didn't get much water in the basement. I have what they call a water snake along the bathroom wall where the water is most likely to come in. It absorbs up to 10 times itself in water. It was damp but not soaking wet so I feel very thankful.


I agree Hanne. But I would love to be able to spend some time with Kirsten (Randomworship). Thankfully my furnace is working well. It's getting old (like me) and I fear I may need to replace it soon. Hopefully not this winter. It's damp which makes the colder temperatures seems even colder. I lived a year in Florida and didn't like not having the different seasons so I'll try to be content. Enjoy the rest of your day.


Oh, it's so faaaar away, Ardy! Actually I don't want to travel anywhere right now, but a little more warmth wouldn't do me any harm!! How about you??


Good morning Ardy,

It won't look like this just now, which teaches how ephemeral everything is.

I hope that you have managed to get the water out of your basement and that you are looking forward to a long, dry and cosy day in Jigidi. :))


I don't think you'd want our summers Hanne and Ardy. Even down south, where I live, we have lots of days around 35 - 40 degrees celsius! That's just way too hot in my book!!

And I'm glad you are still dry (well mostly), and safe Ardy. :)))


Thanks, Hanne. I suppose if we are too desperate for summer we could travel to Australia.


Oh summer!! Such a long time till it will be back!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Good morning, Gail. I would guess that 29 inches of snow is in Garrett County. They are usually our snow belt. I've heard from all I know in the hardest hit area. Pat (pdevredis) and family are ok but no power. The fact that I didn't lose power is a miracle. I'm in an area that's is usually the first to go. I'm thankful for all the prayers and good wishes. If you need rain I'd love to send you some. Otherwise enjoy the dry, sunny, but chilly weather. Thanks for coming by.


Ardy, I have a friend whose daughter evacuated from Annapolis and went to a hotel in North Carolina with her 2 kids, 2 cats, and 1 dog. My aunts live in NJ near New York, a cousin in western New Jersey, and another in Pennsylvania. I'm watching the news with all the damage, flooding, fires, etc. It is horrific! More prayers for all effected by this. They just reported that one place in Maryland had 29" of snow! Sandy seems to have stalled the weather over Minnesota. We have had dry, sunny, but chilly weather.


I am extremely thankful that I did not lose power. I'm beginning to get some water seeping into the basement but I can keep it contained to one area. My rain gauge holds 5 inches and it is overflowing. Ten inches have been reported in several spots in the area. Most of the ones I know about are ok. I am concerned about Pat (pdevredis) outside of New York City. Thanks for your good thoughts.


Hope you are all safe and well after what is currently going on around you.


Ank, This was from my weekend at the beach about 5 weeks ago. I'm sure it looks nothing like this today.


Ardy, Is this an older photo? I mean it does not look as the hours after......


Ocean City, Maryland USA