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Thank you Gaillou. I just solved it and it was pretty difficult.


This is a really interesting design, Ladywil.


hi wendy_13, I have the same thing with my hand, the right more than the left. I spend lot of time on making the kaleidos. I look at the new ones and when my hand is very sore I just look at the page of the picture and make a comment, without solving them. Some are really nice and I would love to solve them, but it is better for my hand just to comment.


ladywil, I haven't been able to solve a puzzle for a long time. My hand is a wreck so I save all my hand 'strength' for creating puzzles instead. I happened to see this though when I was signing in and out, and I thought it was wonderful....which is why I dropped by to make a comment. :-)

If I still solved puzzles, I'd visit much more often.


Thanks Wendy_13, I am glad you like it...come back for more tomorrow :)


ladywil, this is a strikingly beautiful design. :-)