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Backyard Bird House #2

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Ann-Thank You! I will photograph some more houses tomorrow. Stay tuned ;-)


treker, after seeing these that you & your wife have made and/or decorated I feel too embarrassed about the ones I showed in the past & now the new ones, which I only decorate, and was planning to show in the future. Most of mine I do for decoration in the terrace area or yard. Only two or three are done for the birds. With so much woods around me & the property I have with SO many trees & bushes the birds just had rather nest in the natural way, except, of course, Mr. & Mrs. Wren who prefer to nest in my Xmas cactus! Only once have I had a family in one.
These you have shown are just gorgeous. If you have more please show them, too............


oddio- Cleaning this should be a cinch from now on. (It really was a pain in the arse!)


I always appreciate your descriptions and explanation, Trek. Your clean-out plate is simple genius, one of those "aha" moments for me. How long I put up with some arrangement and finally realize I could solve the whole thing really simply. :>)

Beautiful artwork, too!


pkh-I saw some finches giving this one a good look today. Maybe?


A family reno project ...for the birds!


pkh- I did not build this one originally. That said, I have completely rebuilt this "baby" in the last two weeks. This house is 6 years old!! The roof slats had dried/shrunk. I applied caulk to fill the spaces between the slats two years ago and it looked good and no water could get in through the roof. It was time to rethink the solution to a probable leaking roof in the near future. I had bought a small remnant (7"x2 feet) of copper at an estate sale years ago. It was "begging" to be put into service as a new roof! I renailed and reglued the entire house. Cleaning the house out every year was a challenge since the contents had to be removed through the small entry hole. Aha! I cut the front out of the house and fashioned a metal plate that can be removed for cleaning by removing 4 screws. The entire house got two coats of paint and my wife painted the floral decoration on the front. A clear finish was sprayed over the design to protect the art work. I fabricated a hanger and
it is ready for some baby birds.
Ank-Thank You (and yes I am the crafter.)


Beautiful Treker, I really hope you tell us that you made them.


Love it! great set!


Well no wonder the birds do not visit me, I don't provide such luxe living accommodations as this! They're all at your back yard, or Laurajane's! I believe she gives them printed menus so they can choose which food they want! Thanks, Treker, great set.

Love the bird house....I'll bet the birds do also. Thanks treker.


Like the shape of this one. Are the houses your creation?