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Victorian Home - Iowa

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Thanks, Celeste, Ank and Mariolyn. PG...what are we going to do with you?


I love purple. Thanks.


I guess you can get old retarded teachers to paint them. OOOPS I mean retired.


I should rather see it in an other color but it is a beauty. Thanks


Awesome detailed house!!
wonderful set LJ ;) thanks


Thanks for your comments upswife3 and texasstar7!


Well I just love it, purple and all! A little eclectic, art deco and Victorian all at the same time. Thanks, lovely puzzle.

there is a similar house in perry iowa that was purple at one time so was just curious...ty for your the puzzles


Thanks for you comments pkin, pumpkin and dondi. It was hard to choose just 4 out of all the Victorian homes I looked at on the Internet. Some were tastefully done, while others were a bit gaudy. They all were stately, though. It's just how they are. They are full of character and personality!


This house could be in New England, except for the spindle rail around the top of the porch - and there would be more detail around the windows. But here in Cambridge, MA, you'd never get away with purple; you have to use color schemes which were used in the period of the house.

I happen to like purple, in the lilac shades, although this is a little darker then my preference.


Victorian homes can get away with a multitude of colors. We have a number of them in our town, painstakingly painted by a group of teachers (most of whom are retired now). The beauty of them (homes, not old retired teachers) just takes your breath away.


Beautiful thanks LJ


Mt Vernon, IA, upswife3. I know, purple is not the most popular house color choice. There's just something about it that I like, though. I think I will sleep in the room at the top with the rounded window. I stayed in a similar house in Dublin, once. Had the little gabled room at the top. The house was teal, if I remember correctly. A little B & B. So sweet!


Love the house, though not the colour particularly, but it is my favourite in the set . Thanks Laura.


I don't think I'd like a purple house, but this is beautiful to look at.

where in Iowa is this home... it is beautiful


This is my favorite one of the set. Maybe because it's purple and shaded with lots of trees?