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Frozen shipwreck fantasy!

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I listened to the YouTube audio of the author reciting the poem. Very good.


The polar bear adds a touch of reality doesn't it! and for all that it might be fantasy one gets the feeling that time has stood still, and it reminds me of a poem by Robert W Service, one of Canada's great poet. He wrote The Cremation of Sam Magee.

Google it John it is a brilliant poem - Phyllis


We are close in times, aren't we? I'm pretty sure that it is a figment of the imagination, Kathy, but I thought that it was a good pic.


Wow - is this real? A very haunting photo, thanks John! PS - there we are again, solving times in lock-step! I didn't do so well on the large puzzle yesterday, I think I wasn't focused properly, so didn't have the best approach:-)