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Morning visit!

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But isn't it human too?? Thanks so very much Cheryl!!


I knew they were not really lost, though they may have thought they were.


Faith is something very, very difficult, Ann!! And who knows what all of it is?? Thanks so very much!!

Yes, Ann is a wise woman!! But still there is something left - but what?? Thanks so very much Mimi!!


Ann makes a lot of sense Hanne. I like this story a lot and can go to tomorrow's puzzle today since I'm late and today is "tomorrow!"


Ah, these stubborn Little Warriors! A messenger from the goddess has come, giving them instructions, yet still they question. Unicorn, who has used his magic powers to protect them, thinks they are very brave, but also very silly not to have faith by now. Magical guidance provided by the goddess, given with good will, has gotten them safely this far---through many dangers. Now they must listen, have faith & trust--believe without question-- and obey the emissary's instructions............


Oh yes, she knows! Thanks so very much Jan!!

In two ways, yes - thanks so very much Lela!

Ohhhh they will, Ardy!! Thanks so very much!!

And so they will, whatnauts!! Thanks so very much!!


It was about time something happened, but what is the emissary telling them, is she telling them about how they could reach the godess or is she asking them to do another task?

I am very intrigued Hanne, let's see what difficulties Bent has invented for them. :))


Thank goodness!! The golden ones can get back to their original task.


She's beautiful. I hope she gives good advice and that they will listen and follow it. Thanks Hanne and Bent.


Aah....A new day dawns!.......Thanks Hanne & Bent.....


Finally they get some help from a knowledgeable source. (gnomes, indeed!) And, she is lovely! :D


Indeed, one of the Goddess's emissaires!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Yayyy! Help has arrived!


Noooo, Robbie, she found them!!! Just came to visit and tell them where to go!! The unicorn hears all of it too!! Thanks so very much dear friend!!


So finally they found her! Are they asking her advice with the Unicorn listening? Or are they whispering, keeping the answer a surprise? I guess we will have to wait!
Thanks Hanne and Bent.