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Weekly Theme 'Music and Dance': Kaleidos made from ...... Bollywood Costume Fabrics!! ~ Speed Challenge size!

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This week's Jigidi theme is "Music and Dance", so I thought I would combine those two concepts and make kaleidoscopes from images of Bollywood costume fabrics!

The images I use are freely available, and I use a variety of programs to make my kaleidoscopes, colour the backgrounds and assemble them into a collage. All of which takes around 2 hours.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)


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Whew! I'm relived that we don't have aliens!! It makes for a pleasant change, Gwen. LOL And I regret to inform that Ardy spotted those koalas on the next size up! Nothing much gets past her! LOL It's lovely to see you. And I hope you're well. :)))


I can see a ring of grey critters - I won't call them aliens - on the outer edge of the design in the pink square but have you noticed the little koala bears sitting on their heads? They are more obvious at the bottom edge of the circle.


I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Jo! And that the size was just right for you. Oooh. Sounds like Goldilocks! LOL


I love the bottom right the best!! Thank you for the smaller size!! :)


I'm seriously getting worried about my sub-conscious ability to be an alien magnet!!! LOL And the tiny puzzle maker thanks the tiny minded solver for solving the tiny puzzle!!! Hee, hee!


And the aliens with the lecherous eyes are speaking to me from………….the top left! LOL

"the tiny minds…" Thanks Kirsten, they're all gorgeous!


Thanks Barb!! That one IS a nice sunny one. I'm sorry about your weather. We had the first quite warm day of the season today. 28 degrees, and 30 tomorrow. And right now, at 10 pm, it's so mild that we'll be leaving the house open all night, I think! And thanks, I am feeling a bit better. I went back to work today, but came home in the afternoon. But I'm sure I'll be 100 percent soon! Thanks for asking. :)))


Pretty fabrics, Kirsten. I think I'll take the top left today because it looks like sunshine which I could do with instead of cloud and rain. Hope you're feeling better today. :-)


Morning Ardy! I've been playing with Suzy's chairs at your place, while you've been playing here! LOL And I'm glad you like this one. Hope you have a great day today. ((HUGS))


Good evening, Kirsten. Top right for me (of course). Great theme puzzle. Thank you. I'm going on to bigger ones but not before I wish you a very good night with the sweetest of dreams and send a good supply of ((HUGS))