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Salvanguard. Deep-sea tug

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Oh, I know you are a "Chiefs" girl, Phyllis!! LOL


They lost yesterday. to a South African team I think. Give me the Chiefs any day - oh for the sound of the Mooloo cowbells... the pleasures of years gone by eh!


I'm rarely happy with the colours I choose so wouldn't like to do it for someone else!! LOL

That's all "part of the fun" of a new home. You'll be fine and happy in a couple of weeks. At least Len's Blues are doing better this year!! LOL


Ummm! thanks John, very interesting. I don't suppose you're up for some painting are you? we've been looking at paint colours and it's not as easy as it looks. Might have chosen a lounge suite though so thats good.


yes, phyllis, they have cabins for the crew, showers, galley (kitchen).. when you tow something across the atlantic at walking speed you need the comforts of home!! lol. even the harbour tugs have accommodation as they don't know how long a job might take.

tugs have a lot of hull below the water line which keeps them reasonably stable. they have huge engines for the size of the vessel. they are low, keeping the centre of gravity low. in rough weather, i always preferred to be on a tug than many of the larger vessels!! hwyl!!


Tell me John, do these tugs have sleeping quarters and living quarters too? Do they have, is it ballast to keep them reasonably steady at sea? notwithstanding the sea has a mind of it's own.