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Friday's Flower

36 pieces
112 solves
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I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Gail.I really like this one too. :-)


I really like the bright colors and interesting design. Thank you, Wendy.


Oh, Mary, Mary....luckily I just checked again to make sure I didn't miss anyone, and saw your post. You are a sweetheart. :-)


Oh, the wonderful Friday Flower Dance for a holiday weekend! So much fun! 4:44 So good to have flowers back and WENDY back! Thanks!


Thank you, dear whatnauts. :-) Geeeez, it occurs to me that I should include you with Ardy, Mary, and Katie....Mary, Katie, and Ardy, Katie, Ardy, and Mary. LOL


A pretty flower from your never ending magical garden!!


Actually, Ardy, I just visited you again and LOVE the stitching on one of the puzzles you posted on November 20th. It's BEAUTIFUL up close and personal.


Wendy, the ones I thought you would enjoy are the Shop signs from Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen. Just read the first comment where Hanne explains what the background is on each of them. Sorry. I should have been more explicit. Just forget about it, Wendy. They aren't that interesting.


Ardy, I went over to your puzzles a short while ago and there are too many comments to read! I remembered that you invited me over to read some comments but you have to realize that I was away for a month....and I'd need a full day to absorb all that was written on your puzzles. They're very cool, and especially interesting. I have a favor to ask of you though. Can you pick out a few of the puzzles/comments that you think are especially interesting? I sure would appreciate it. I find that I can't keep up anymore....not with email, not with creating puzzles, not with responding to comments, and not with paperwork/housework.

PJ and Katie, I'm so glad that you both had fun! That's what Jigidi is all about. :-)


Hi Wendy, this is a really fun Friday flower!


Wendy - this is fun, fine, fabulous design. I like the way you've so neatly have compsed the shapes and colors. All the details are so fun to watch.
Ok - Great puzzle,


If I say this is a fabulous fall Friday flower will I be punished again? Thanks, Wendy. It's a great one.