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Prelude to Tropical Storm Leslie.

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Thanks gma, will do.

Stay safe. Be careful getting your pictures.


Thank you cevas, hoping we will weather the storm. Yes I am very lucky with all the support, it goes both ways.


I am also praying for you and your family, friends and neighbours.
Your network of backup support is extensive!


Hey Lela, you must have heard gem!


Yes, the first live hurricane on jigidi!.......


Will do PKH, thanks.
I know what you mean yellow, we crack up when we see Jim Cantori on the weather channel leaning at 45 degrees with his rain suit on!
Yes gem, maybe!
No Ank, thanks, I am trying to record it from the early stages which I have never done before. Another plus for jigidi!


It's not funny Robbie, but it makes a beautiful puzzle.


Sounds like yellowgal might have some bugosi connections! lol :D

Wow, one can surely see the turbulence even this early in your little cove. My husband and I frequently grumble about the weather reports tending to describe all-things-as-catastrophic, in reality not so much. You & family shall be just fine because my voices tell me so. :)))


Be safe, my crazy friend.


Hi 66x...., thank you I am glad you enjoy the puzzles. In 2003 the SP was damaged by Hurricane Fabian. That was a nasty one. My dad had 32 dump truck loads of debris taken off his front lawn which you can see in the other puzzle. There were two boats, someone's complete dock from two miles away and all sorts of heavy ropes, seaweed and branches. Hopefully this will not be a bad one. Thanks.

Enjoy your puzzles - and this one, though not the subject matter. Bermuda is usually a beautiful place. We arrived shortly after a huge hurricane some years back. Can't remember the name; it even got the Southhampton Princess. Stay safe and hope you incur no damage.


Thank you Dagmar, sleep well and we will try to stay dry.
Hi BBM, like your sporty hat today! I hope so too and thanks.
PG you know what it's all about, you do what you can and wait it out. Yes I am looking for Greenland now!


Living in FL we have been through a few but they are never nice. I hope it heads west and goes back to a TS from a one. Best of luck and we are all pulling for you. I need my docent.


I hope to heaven your luck holds Robbie, take care.


Hi Robbiel, I just came across your comments before signing out (it's midnight here and time for bed) and I only want to wish you good luck (or what ever you wish if something like this comes your way :)) ) Keep your feet dry and stay away from the waves. :))
Let's hope you are right and it will veer off to the west. :))


Thanks Hanne, we are hoping it will veer off to the west of us. Our houses are strong, the worry for us is the storm surge, we are 12 feet above high water. Not to worry, this is an every year experience and we always come through ok. Thanks.


Oh Robbie, there must be very few things worse than waiting for such a beast to go ashore - or what it does! Do hope the very best for you and your family and all your Bermuda-friends and -people. Keep up the spirits! Thanks for telling, I'll follow it on my computer.


Thank you gem and Graci, hope not but the forecast is not good.
I'm in Bermuda Celeste, we will be safe, thanks.


Dang.. where you at again Robbie?
And Be safe!!


Robbie, I hope this Leslie girl doesn't graduate to hurricane.


Stay safe!


It is difficult to show you in a picture what is happening in quiet coves like ours. The storm is 500 miles away, not yet a hurricane and yet we see the water being swirled and churned about, the bottom sand pulled around and in the water you can actually feel a strong current. I will get pictures of outside the reefs and you can get a perspective of the force from this storm.