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That would stand up if the Egyptians hadn't been writing stuff down for 1600 years prior to the supposed birth of Jesus, and the Jews already had the Talmud written down by then, so writing was actually a bona fide form of record keeping in the 1st century BCE. The Egyptians were known to have recorded several events of local significance, of which the birth of the son of the "one true god" would have been one. Also, the Romans were in charge of the Middle East, almost without exception at the time, and they kept extensive records, of births, deaths, taxes and most importantly judicial decisions, such as executions. No mention of anyone fitting the description of Jesus can be found anywhere.

If you want more information on the evidence that has been examined by scholars over the centuries, and the reasons why there is no evidence of the existence of Jesus, I suggest you read "Proving History", by Dr Richard C. Carrier.


Not to argue with you (I'm a Buddhist, not a theist) but just a point of logic: you can't prove there wasn't a Jesus (or The Doctor!) solely based on the lack of contemporary documentation (as you stated in one of your other puzzles); 2000 years ago, information was still disseminated primarily by story-telling - it wasn't until later, with the more widespread availability of parchment, that it became more popular to write the stories down (with considerable embellishment, needless to say!).


I'm not sure about The Doctor, but Karen Gillan is certainly a divine being!




And don't forget Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny....................


I think that the curriculum should include elves and unicorns and Big Foot and hobbits and vampires and thetans, because I can't prove that they don't exist, either....