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Old Time Sewing Circle

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Dblay~I live in Massachusetts! Hahaha...not Maine. Heck, we have been getting worse winters lately than they have. Farmers Almanac says this year doesn't look good either. I don't mind the cold but hate the amount of snow we've been having. I want those 6-8" forcasts again. Seems like we have been getting 12 or more inches at a whack now. I so do not look forward to Winter!


Good to see you back. I hope you had a nice vacation. Missed you.
I live near Lewis Smith Lake in Cullman County, Alabama. The Red Rooster is just a few miles from my house on the Lake and very handy for me for the meetings and our Retreat each year. We really enjoy getting together. :-)) They do have a website and it is If you live in Maine, it would be quite a trip. (ha) Thanks for asking, though.
Can't wait to get to the new puzzles for today. Hugs and welcome back.


Dblay, how very odd this was to post this on when you came back. Talk about meant to be? It sounds wonderful what you and your family do every year. It keeps everyone in touch with each other and not many of us do that these days. Good for you. Bet you have a lot of fun creating and sharing with one another. Where do you live? How far is the meeting place from you? I will go online to check it out. Glad you're back safe and sound. Hugs~Annie


Yes, I do have another site, peggysuss. Left a few messages around a few puzzles in hopes that you'll read one of them. I have a larger site under Annie1956 with pieces around 165 or higher. The pictures are about the same but for those who enjoy larger puzzles. Enjoy!!!


Hi everyone. Back after 4 days vacation.


Note to peggysuss. Taunteanna has another site where she posts puzzles with lots of small pieces so you might like to try it. Annie1956 is the name. She has mentioned it here a time or two. I just thought I would tell you since taunteanna has not been on in a few days. I do hope she is okay.


You put up such beautiful pictures. I would love to do them if you could make them with more pieces? Please.


Beautiful painting and colors. This is so nice because I have been gone for two nights and 3 days on a Retreat which is called "Fisher Family Sewing Circle." It is our group which is made up of all the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren of my Grandmother Fisher and Granddaddy Fisher. Grandmother was a wonderful seamstress and cook and we felt we could honor her memory and keep in touch with our family by forming a group made up of the ladies of the family and meeting every other month for visiting and news. We have the usual President, V.P., Secretary and Treasurer (who takes care of the "dues" which are $10.00 per year) and we use that money to pay the cook and our first cousin for groceries when we meet for our Retreat at her Bed and Breakfast and crafts place. The Retreat is called "Red Rooster Retreat" and it is a great business for them and a wonderful place for us to have our Retreat once a year and our meetings every other month. We have been doing this for around 14 to 16 years now and it works for us. (ha) So this reminds me of the ladies in our bunch who make quilts. Some do scrapbooking, and some do other crafts. We always make an annual Christmas ornament too. We have wonderful meals, thanks to our cousin who is the Owner. Sorry this is so long but this picture just made me think to tell you all about our Group and the Red Rooster. You can go online and find them. Thanks for the picture taunteanna. Love it. :-)))


You're all so welcome. I wish I knew who the artist is. The site I got it from didn't state who they were.

The picture is lovely! It is a happy picture, delightful. Thank you.


A delightful puzzle, those were good times for the ladies to visit as they worked. Thanks Ann Marie. Hugs :O))

These are so lovely, and the colors are pretty. Thanks for sharing.