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Kirsten and Deborah ~ can you guess what this is?

20 pieces
101 solves
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Do you want me to call you and tell you how to do it? It's so easy to do, but it would be easier by phone. Better yet, you call me and we'll do it together.


I don't know how to make an avatar, Gail. I'm a bit behind the times on online stuff. LOL I would surely put one up there if I knew how, I've wanted to for a long time. I have a profile pic on Facebook and I don't even know how I got it there. LOL


I don't care if you beat me or how many tries it takes to beat me. Good for you! Don't worry about it.

I think you need to have an avatar. These shadow people on the new Jigidi are very impersonal.


Fun small puzzle! I went and worked the other one twice just because I've never seen what it was like to be the fastest. Got you by one second one it the second time. I know, no fair, but I wanted to see what these speed demons saw when they overtook the number one spot! LOL 1:38 on this one. Thanks, Gail, and sorry about beating your time just to satisfy my own curiosity. That was dumb.


There are no limits, so long as you don't cwy in fwont of me...
Thanks, Rob.


Jeez, Kirsten...what was your first clue!!! LOLOL

And Gail, you had better let me know what you like to blend...or let me know if there are no limits (like TICA)!


In know!! A nudibranch*!! Am I right? LOL

* The most hilairiously named thing ever!!!!!

And don't cwy Deborah. We still love you.


:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Now you made me cry....:(((((((((((((((((((((


Well they do come in all the colours of the rainbow - good one Gail.


It's a nudibranch (related to sea slugs). Here's the original image:

Deborah, you should have been able to guess this one, considering our prior conversation.


No idea Gail - but I do like the colours.


It looks like a piece of jewelry...or a gemstone of some kind. But alas, I am not sure. Are you giving any hints???


Nope. Not even remotely close.


Looks like turquoise beads to me! Thanks, Gail! fun little puzzle.


Answer will be given later tonight.