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Watching and Waiting for These in Minnesota!

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We've been in the 80s for a couple weeks, and yesterday it got down to 40 and about that today. Supposed to get frost tonight! Talk about yoyo! But, when summer's here, I'll wish for 40 degrees! These are beautiful. Thanks.

We had another four inches of snow last night, but then sunshine today. The forecast is 60s by Friday. It sure hasn't been a usual spring!

I saw pansies here in CO even in the snow. Don't know if I'll go for plants this year, I do want tomatoes though.

Hope they come soon to your piece of America. Here in Washgington DC, we've already done daffodils and cherry blossoms and magnolias, but the temperatures keep yoyoing up and down, and the dogwoods aren't sure about coming out yet. It's not your usual spring.