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Four of 'Em

256 pieces
71 solves
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LOL! Sure, PJ. :-)


Wendy - it's great - just give it a small size chance.......


Mandy, you're as bad as advia and almost as bad as whatnauts was. LOL!
Luckily advia has her hands full right now so she's not begging me for more large puzzles, and whatnauts is practicing some self-control. Oh...I hope she doesn't see this. hehehe Anyway, I'm glad that you've found some more busy work. ;-)

jranders- Thank you so much for your comments. I can offer you the same thing I have done for Robina. If you really want a huge one, I can do that but I'd rather (most times) post it as a link. You won't be able to compare yourself with others and the puzzle will automatically disappear within a month, but if you don't mind that, I'm perfectly fine with posting a requested puzzle for you that way. If I think a requested puzzle will do well in a super large size, then I will post it as a public one.

About your time on puzzles (large vs small)- when I solved puzzles I kept track of all my times and I found that over and over again, people who were amazingly fast on certain types of puzzles were 'relatively' slow on others. All sorts of things can 'throw' people off with their times- a certain color, the design, the size, the number of colors, the subject matter.....

And people are different too when it comes to what is most fun about solving puzzles. Some just enjoy the solving of a puzzle for its beauty, some for the competition (being the fastest or making the top ten list), and some for a combination of the two.

Finally, thank you again for your encouraging words. :-)

Oh Wendy, I don't think this is a bomb at all. In fact, makes me think of fireworks. I loved doing this puzzle. Wouldn't have minded even more pieces. For me, the smaller puzzles aren't worth the bother even though some of them are so very colorful and pretty. Interestingly, my relative time on the small puzzles is worse than on the large puzzles. I often come close to making the board (though sometimes, not even within shouting distance of the board) on the large puzzles but only rarely actually make it. But I don't really try very hard to be all that fast. I like to work the puzzles while doing other things (tv, phone calls, interruptions by two and four legged family members, etc.) So often when I go to a profile, I find lots of really appealing small puzzles. Unfortunately, they must not convert well to the larger sizes. Please don't be discouraged. You have a large and loyal fan base who appreciate what you do.


LOL - Wendy, I only just got back to check out comments I made yesterday. I read your email, and understand what you say, and having just checked out all the big puzzles you gave links for I must have several of them still in my bookmarks pile, so I am not short of a big puzzle or several - although as you know I don't do so well on the bigger puzzles!!!


Robina, yes, a lot of us talk via email and the way I get someone's email address or someone gets mine is by finding an OLD puzzle and posting the email address there. If you look at the left-hand side of any page you'll see the word "Created" under the headed "PUZZLES." Click on "Created" and you'll see the option to "Sort by most recent comment" with a little box to the right of it. Putting a check mark in the box will make is so that even very old puzzles that have a recent comment on them, will be seen by the puzzle provider. When people want me to email them for the very first time, they'll find an old puzzle and tell me on the old puzzle. I will usually 'see' the comment (with the email address) shortly afterward and email that person. Then when the person knows that I have their email address, the person will remove the post. It's as easy as that. :-)

When you would like a puzzle in a very large size, I can post a link to it right on the puzzle that you asked for it. Keep in mind though, that puzzles posted that way are considered private and are removed by Jigidi's software within the month.


Wendy, thanks so much. I would love it if you could post links. Do I find them atached to puzzles? I see some of you must talk in other ways than the comments section, but I don't know how to do that. And if I wanted to send you my email address, how would I do that without posting it publicly?
As you can see, I've been doing a lot of thinking about all this!


Robina, because you are especially appreciative, I will continue to post these in the very large sizes now and again. And in fact, if you don't mind doing them privately (I could post a link to them more often than that), I will do that for you. :-)
I truly appreciate your comments.


Oh, Robina- most of my puzzles in the Very Large category have lots of solves!
I keep a database of all my puzzles so it was easy to gather this up for you. These are the amount of solves on different sized puzzles in the Very Large category with over 400 solves each. Keep in mind that I have many more with over 200 and 300 solves. But this gives you an indication of how badly this puzzle has done in comparison.
662 solves 361 pieces
631 solves 342 pieces
580 solves 440 pieces
560 solves 361 pieces
513 solves 361 pieces
498 solves 240 pieces
495 solves 360 pieces
477 solves 361 pieces
473 solves 360 pieces
460 solves 361 pieces
444 solves 256 pieces
432 solves 360 pieces


Wow, I just checked the solves on most of the puzzles I do, and they are nearly all on the lower side. I find it amazing that the higher pieced ones are not as in demand. No wonder you all make so many in the smaller sizes. I miss out on lots that I love because they are too small for me. I don't know why but if the pieces are big I can't concentrate. It's like my brain figures it should be easy because there are less pieces, and won't focus. It's official, I'm weird!


Wendy, I don't think 40 solves is bombing, and it's still the 23rd here where I am so it hasn't even been 24 hours. You have some faithful followers who love them, and can't get enough of them. Maybe it's just a slow weekend or something... your colours are so beautiful and for people who want to have a good brain work out, these are perfect. I hope you don't stop making them :)
I know I myself was busy all weekend so couldn't get at the computer much, or I would have done this one immediately, it is smashing!


Robina, I think if it wasn't for you and a few others, I wouldn't post these at all. The other one bombed and this one is even doing worse! People definitely like this type in a much smaller size.

Mandy...all I can say is OH NO! Don't read my most recent email. Part of it has to do with this type puzzle. lol


Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. This style of puzzle is wonderful and really makes me think. I've enjoyed doing it tremendously.


Oh goodie, goodie, goodie! Can't wait to do this which is bookmarked and calling my name! :)