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Golden-rod Crab Spider (Misumena vatia)

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The Golden-rod Crab Spider (Misumena vatia) has been sighted in the following countries: Canada, United Kingdom, United States.

The Golden-rod Crab Spider has also been sighted in the following states: California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Washington.

This information has been taken from a website called Spider I.D. ( It is largely user-generated information, so this spider might be found in places other than those listed. The information was taken from this page:

I took this photo on my neighbor's patio in 2016. According to my phone, it was the best photo I had taken that year. That COULD mean that this is a good photo, but it PROBABLY means that I'm not a very good photographer!


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Aw, shucks (ka-BOOM!)



There actually are people in this world from whom I assume the worst. You are definitely NOT one of them! I would never assume you were trying to steal my thunder. In fact, I love that you added to it. Now we've got a good thunderstorm building!!!


adding to your thunder, never thieving.


Indeed! Thanks, Mazy!


They come in pink and yellow... and live on flowers.



Thank you for mustering up the courage to face this gigantic spider! ...Well, gigantic on the computer screen, but in real life it was just a tiny white dot. I actually took the photo so I could get a better look at it. I suspected it might be an albino spider, if there is such a thing. Only after looking at the photo did I see the red stripes.

I am glad you like this little spider. Perhaps she'll help you get past your arachnophobia...


TFS, I am arachnophobic to a certain degree; I have never seen anything like this before it is beautiful and reminds me of the story of Charlotte's Web.



You're right about it being small. In fact, that's why I took the photo. I was at a neighbor's house and saw this tiny little white spider. I wondered if it was an albino, (or if spiders can even BE albino). So I took this photo. Only when I could blow up the image did I see those red "racing stripes" on the sides. I then ran an image search on Google and ultimately learned that it's a golden-rod crab spider.

Fortunately, this little spider was outside. According to you, my mother, AND me, that's right where it belongs!


Have seen photos of this spider before - wonderful camouflage - think its quite small, but still wouldn't want to meet it in the house - thanks Elvis.


Glad you like it, sparky!!


Oh, dear brightspark, I feel soooooo much better now!!!

Right back at you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


♫ L O V E ♫ xx apologies xxxxxxxxxxxxx uhhhhhhhhhhhh hugs does that make you feel better ☺☺


Thanks, brightspark!

I must say, I'm a little jealous that my white crab spider just got a "thx", while Mazy's yellow crab spider gets a "LOVE". : (

Seriously, that doesn't bother me. Mazy's photo is fantastic, and I think it's a better photo, too. Just pulling your leg a little...


thx sweet elvis - mazy i LOVE your yellow spider xx artfully hidden xxxxxx


Yes, I've noticed that "heebie jeebie" comment. I was going to call you on it, but you fessed up.

Those spiders really DO do us great favors with their fierce hunting capabilities!


oh, I even say on those puzzles they give me the heebie jeebies. But they do so much good for us....


Well, sure, Mazy, if you already LIKE spiders, yours are cute. If you're a little freaked out by them, even your "cute" spiders will be a little creepy...

Did you note that I still gave sparklightie a recommendation to solve them? I'm ultimately on your side, I just give a little consideration to those who aren't so enamored of arachnids.


Aw c'mon my spider buddies look friendly.


sparklightie, that's what you get from hanging around with me - puzzles you never dreamt you'd solve!

I do recommend Mazy's spider puzzles, they're quite nice. A little creepy? Sure, but quite nice, too!


Thanks, Mazy.

I didn't know they also come in yellow. I'll have to keep my eyes open for one!

I do the same thing with my fresh-cut flowers. It seems that even after doing that, there's always at least one little but that manages to stay in there. Once it's discovered, out the door it goes...


sparklightie good for you. I have some cute spiders you might actually like also... as hard as that may be for you to believe!! put spider in the search function, you'll see them right away.


Never thought i would be doing a puzzle of a spider - eeeek - but he is really beautiful - great pic and puzzle ☺☺☺


I always have called these guys flower spiders, cause they live in flowers. Often white ones.

I have also seen bright yellow crab spiders living on bright yellow flowers.

When I cut garden flowers to bring into the house I always give the flowers a good shake to leave these guys outside. The shake usually throws them off on a line of web which I carefully drape over the same kind of living flowers so they still have a home and I still have a spider-free home.


I forgot to mention that I took this photo so I could get a closer look at this spider. To the naked eye, it looked all white, and I wondered if it had any other markings. I also wondered if it was an albino spider. Do any of you know if that's possible?

Once I could zoom in on the photo, the red markings became obvious, and it was easily identified.