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beech, holly, loblolly, and a gray barked trunk

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From my hike down the drive on 12/31/12 in NC.


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Thank you, Jacque.


nice set today Rose!


This part of the woods is classic Oak-Hickory-Pine forest. You just have to learn about 25 trees and you can name almost anything you see!


Thank you David and chickiemama.

David, I was hoping you would come by and ID that gray bark. ; ) I hadn't asked my resident conservationist yet, and he might not have known anyway.

Chickiemama, the first time I saw them was when my daughter and I rented a small house for about a week to visit our NC relatives. I brought home some loblolly pine cones in a bag which had transported some other things south.


Oh, I'm so proud of myself. LOL I knew what loblolly pines were from watching the eagle cam in Virginia. The eagle's nest was in a loblolly tree.


Young White Oak tree on the right (Quercus alba), after its first decade the bark gets flaky like you see at the top. Thanks for the Piedmont woods, RH!